Special role for MOTB

My mum is more than a mum she is a very good friend and we are having lots of fun organising everything. I have recently had a bridesmaid crisis and I was wondering has anyone else got thier mum to take on a more matron of honour style role?

I really want my mum to be part of the day.

In America (I think) both parents walk the bride down the aisle, has anyone seen it done here? I just thought it might be nice.

Anyone who has any ideas - please let me know!

Don't want her to just sit up the fornt whilst everybody else is more involved. -i love her!!


p.s. yes I am very lucky to have such a wonderful mum


  • MOTBzillaMOTBzilla Posts: 127
    and she's lucky to have such a wonderful, thoughtful, loving daughter!
  • minorsukminorsuk Posts: 24
    Well I am having my bridesman walk my mum down the ailse before me and my dad!! My best friend is a man so I thought what the heck, I still wanted him to be my attendant, and I thought it woudl be lovely to make my mum feel more included and get walked down the aisle. It also means I get to spend those few minutes before hand with both my mum and my dad!
  • Mary-AnneukMary-Anneuk Posts: 895
    thanks, I love the idea of her walking down in front of me and dad

  • kellyanludkellyanlud Posts: 888
    Ive asked my mum to give me away, couldnt choose between father and step father, dont see my father much and I thought it may cause a little conflict in the family so my mums been my rock so I thought i would ask her and she was real chuffed!!
  • kellyduk2kellyduk2 Posts: 3
    Although I got married last July I still enjoy reading all the forums. My mum organised almost everything for my wedding, We sat down together when I got engaged and told each other our expectations and from then on she would suggest something and I would agree or disagree and we would then decide. On my wedding day the vicar asked all the guests to be seated when he saw the car arrive with her and my bridesmaids in and they were having their photographs taken when I arrived. She was so happy and my brother who was an usher escorted her down the aisle to her seat where she waited for my grand entrance. Everyone looked at her walking down the aisle on my brothers arm. At the reception my new husband thanked her for all the work and time she had put in to make my day the best day of my life and asked everyone to raise their glassas to her. She told me afterwards that she felt so special walking down the aisle with my brother and having a toast made to her. A bride's mum is special, and the day only comes once.
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