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MOB - Where to shop?

Hello ladies, a bit of advice needed please...

My Mum and I are planning to go shopping for her outfit soon but we're not sure where to start. High street/bridal shops catering for MOBs/dress maker.

I'd be really interested to hear where other MOBs and MOGs went for their outfits and if anyone can tell me how long outfits from bridal shops rather than off the peg, tend to take.

Thank you!


  • Hi

    I looked everywhere on the highstreet with my mum but found that most of the department stores didn't have enough selection... My mum ordered a bridesmaid dress (which was very sophisticated!)in the end from a wedding shop. Lead time was 3 months. Dont you think it would be great if you could get the MOB outfit in the bridal shop? I personally found MOB specialist shops too expensive. Dresses were from £400 upwards!
  • fairley2fairley2 Posts: 1

    I looked evereywhere for my outfit my daughter wanted me to wear dusky pink same as bridesmaids and I am not a pink person finaly got a Ronald Joyce outfit with a long fishtail skirt in black with a lovely pink top with a removable stole everybody commented on it and I loved it also a pink and black hat to match it I paid £550 for the whole outfit and I am willing to sell for £250 if anybody is interested
  • House of Fraser and John Lewis have a great selection, I wasn't too impressed with Debenhams though
  • paulavikipaulaviki Posts: 527
    Bridal shops are ridiculously expensive for MOB outfits, my mum found one she liked but it was nearly £1000! In the end we went round most of Bluewater Shopping Centre and found her outfit in Phase Eight. They also have some lovely stuff in Hobbs but department stores are great because of all the concessions with loads of different stores bits and bobs.
  • Its alway a good idea to maybe start on the high street to get a good idea on style and shape. But for the actual event, depending on budget i would suggest a boutique or made to measure. I say this as in the past i have had mums who bought high street for the wedding only to have a 'regular' guest in the same outfit on the big day.... HORROR of all HORRORS.

    Locally to me i can highly suggest -

    Shelleys of Billericay

    CoCo's of Benfleet

    Jitters - Colchester

    Polka Fashions (will do bespoke) from memory they are in Purfleet - but def in Essex

    Another good thing to do in a google search but hit 'images' not 'web' when you search.

    Hope that helps.

    Charlotte Rose
  • HLB1970HLB1970 Posts: 280
    My Mum & Mil2b got there's from Debenhams in Jaques Vert & Phase Eight.

    JV is perfect for MOB outfits. I can highly recommend the personal shopping service. Stress free & they do all the running around for you. Happy smiley faces all round image
  • my mum and mother in law got a gorgeous dress from they have an online store now which is fab, definatley worth a look xx
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    my mum is loving jacques vert, i think my fmil would go a younger shop but then my mum is 57 and she is only 40. department sores all the way, i can't imagine my mum being bothered if someone else wore the same dress, he'd undoubtedly have styled it differently anyway
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