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MOB wants to wear trousers. . . .

Hi Ladies,

Mum is just starting looking for her outfit to wear or my wedding in Summer. In all my 28 years I have NEVER seen her in a dress.

She really wants to wear trousers and has said she likes boleros too. I've started looking online but can't find any really nice suits for her to wear.

If you have any ideas of where we can look it would help LOADS image

Thanks x


  • Miss_PenguinMiss_Penguin Posts: 1,020
    I suppose you should approach it in the same way as you would if she wanted a dress. Either ring around MOB stockists and ask about what they have with trousers or if she'd be happy with the high street, maybe book an appointment with a personal shopper in a big department store.
  • Most good retailers stock trousers, Jane Norman, Long Tall Sally, we have a outlet near us so all top brand clothes with 50% off sometimes and loads of famous names.

    Look in normal magazines rather than bridal.

    Good look

    PS: my mum got her set out of bon marche and it looks fab, around £150 for it all.
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