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Our wonderful Mothers...

I seem to hear a lot of moaning about mothers (well mils to be honest!) and it has made me really grateful for my mum. She has been absolutely awesome throughout my wedding planning. She always listens (with enthusiasm) to all my little updates and doesn't get fed up of me talking about really trivial details.

She is also planning my hen (my sister, main bridesmaid is only 17) so mum has helped out with organising that and is keeping it a secret from me image She really seems to be enjoying it though, which is lovely.

She is also very careful to give too much of an opinion about things because she wants it to be mine and h2bs decisions rather than hers (this can be very frustrating when I'm having an indecisive moment though).

Anyone else lucky enough to have supermums?


  • beesbees Posts: 835
    Yes I have one, today she drove me from Leeds to Carlisle just so that I could meet a tog that I liked and wanted to meet again.

    She makes me think sensibly before I get carried away with what seem like brilliant ideas at the time but would be a nightmare in reality.

    Love her to bits.
  • smophlewsmophlew Posts: 295
    At first I got frustrated with Mum because she would try and steer me away from certain decisions but on a lot of discussions she has helped me to see an alternative side of things and it has really helped. I love the fact she is super interested and I never seem to bore her, if it isn't me talking about wedding stuff it is Mum. My mother in law on the other hand doesn't really want to know so I don't tell her anything, I'm hoping nearer the time she might get interested - looks doubtful though image. My mum though I really have started to appreciate her alot more. My dad on the other hand didn't seem too interested I think he felt a bit lost in it all so we showed him the venue and he loved it. I think it helped him picture it all a bit more and he offered to take us to a wedding show in St Ives (we live near Plymouth) and we spent all day today looking at wedding stuff and he got loads more leaflets than I did. Also they have bought us 24 bottles of Cornish sparkling cider for our toasts - feeling very happy and lucky to have my parents image
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    i've got a super mum!

    keeps out of the way unless asked, comes up with useful ideas without forcing them and was happy (enough) to spend a whole day dress shopping for us two and my sister for wedding stuff last friday. i just wish she'd stop saying she'd love to buy me the ian stuart dress i mostly love. it's a wonderful gesture but completely ridiculous

    mums are FAB!
  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224
    Yay for our supermums. Mine has now started panicking about what she is going to wear because she wants it to be perfect. She knows exactly how many weeks there are left to the wedding, I sometimes think she is more excited than I am!
  • tinainwidtinainwid Posts: 277
    My Mum is wonderful too.. she has lived abroad for 10 years so I,ve missed her even though I,ve seen her every year but shes now coming home to live in 2 weeks.. I,m so excited!

    She is looking forward to helping with the wedding.

    shes already paid for half the venue and bought my dress.. I didnt ask she just did it.

    My MIL2B is great too she paid for the other half of the venue again I didnt ask she just said thats what she wanted to do.. so I,m a very Lucky Girl.
  • I have an amazing mum too image I feel very lucky to have a mum as wonderful as mine, she listens intently to me raving on about things Ive seen or ranting on when my other half is taking ages to get back to me (he works out of the country) and is just as excited about the whole wedding as me in fact sometimes more. She never dampens my ideas when I said we wanted tipi's for our reception instead of a standard marque she was slightly surprised till she saw them in the flesh and was amazed and she is always on the look out for bits for the wedding, she found the name of the flowers Ive been lusting after at the Chelsea Flower Show and she also found the decorations for our pew ends while on a shopping trip so the florist only has to add some fresh flowers to them. I am very lucky to have parents as great as mine as my dad is just as fantastic although he's leaving the wedding to us, Im just getting him involved with choosing our car and he's coming to the tasting session at the caterers.

    Im also extremely lucky as my parents have offered to pay for my dress the caterers and the flowers, I really can't praise them enough and if my Mr and I do as good a job with our children I will be very very happy.
  • welshgracewelshgrace Posts: 1,224

    Just wanted to ressurect this thread, as I am sure there are many more fab mum stories to be told xxx

  • both my mil and my mum have been a God send. when I went dress shopping I wasn't going to buy my dress because i couldn't afford it so they offered to pay half each. I found the same dress on preloaded instead though as I would have felt too guilty lol 

    not only that but my mil is helping with arranging my bouquets. my mum is also the most creative person I know so we are doing diy projects together.

    even if they weren't helping me out they have been so supportive and I' m really grateful to have them both 

  • Love this thread. image My Mum has been amazing too. My parents are contributing a lot to the wedding but aren't forcing any ideas on us about how things should be done - Mum has shared her opinions but has happily accepted all the things she wouldn't necessarily have picked herself, which I really appreciate (especially after seeing the problems some people have). She's been wonderful throughout all of my planning so far, even when I've phoned her multiple times in the same evening saying "so I had this idea for the wedding..." I think she's more excited than me sometimes!

  • Moms are always fantastic! We love our moms!!! I don't how will mom behavior on my wedding, hope she is ok that day.

  • HopefulJoeyHopefulJoey Posts: 10

    My mum is lovely. She is putting money towards a wedding dress for me, and putting money towards the wedding as a whole - whihc is so generous and kind, as I don't think she really sees the point of a wedding. She is also being overbearing, and only has asked to invite a few friends. She's mega-stressed at the moment with other things, but she is still so kind, anyway.

    And my FMIL is also v good. Very interested in the smaller details (more so than my mum) and is always offering to help but not being forceful with her opinion. She will be helping me decorate the cake, and probably do any of the arty creative things like a table plan - as a retired primary-school teacher she is much better at that sort of thing than either my mum or me.

    I am a very lucky person!

  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    I have a supermum! Love her to bits! Supportive when i wanted to spend more money and change my dress, loves talking weddings and gives her opinion but ultimately understands its our day. Am taking her shopping in a few weeks to start looking for her outfit and i cant wait. My Dad too has been simply fab, and i am really looking forward to seeing him all dressed up smart and enjoying the day.

    I also have super-bridesmaids! I know they are cooking up a fab hen for me and have come to everything/ done everything i have asked of them with a smile and been interested! I feel very lucky

  • undercoveangeundercoveange Posts: 438

    Aww this is nice. My mum is amazing and has done so many things to make sure my wedding is organised and I'm not stressed- dealt with so many suppliers, made plans, shopping- she found the bridesmaids dresses and shoes, helped me get my dress and shoes and has always been there to chat about it. Looking forward to driving up tonight and seeing her and then everything coming together on Saturday!!!

    The only thing I would complain about is she keeps checking if I've lost weight!


  • My mum is a supermum too! She has been amazing in everyway possible. Helping out financially, giving me so much support and listening to me go on and on about trivial details!

    I am very lucky!

  • MrsBtobe*MrsBtobe* Posts: 49

    i have a supermum too! My Dad works away a lot so one night a week we have a girly night in together and watch Don't Tell the Bride with a glass of wine and a pizza and just chat about all the tiny trivial details of wedding that Mr B doesn't really care about.

    Supermum and Superdad have also lent us the money for our wedding, yet are happy to let us get on with the planning without wanting to get too involved or cause any arguments at all and just want us all to have the best possible day.

    Very lucky to also have a lovely FMIL AND FFIL who are interested as well and offer guidance and support without being pushy or overbearing.

    Lucky on all counts!  xx



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