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Do you buy mob/mog wedding gifts?

Strange question I know! I know you are supposed to present flowers to the mothers?

Our wedding is abroad with a very small group of 16 adults and 4 children.

Our parents are not contributing anything. But will be paying their own flights.

We are paying the accommodation.

Do we still present the mothers with flowers?? Or do we give everyone something as a thanks? Cause I would feel cheeky only gifting two guests.

Someone come put me right as please.


  • KatblountKatblount Posts: 20
    Hi there,

    Where are you getting married?! We are getting married in Greece in 3 weeks and I have a similar dilemma!

    We have decided to ask our photographer to make sure he takes a good pic of each couple/family and then we are going to put a little note on each persons place, to tell them that we will have the pic printed & framed for them as a gift when we are back in England - this way it's a nice gift, rather than tack that they may not use.

    In terms of parents we are buying pocket watch for Dad's & Brooch for Mum's.

    Hope that helps and good luck with your planning!

  • HollybrideHollybride Posts: 50
    Hey, thanks for replying.

    We are getting married in Rome. That's a good idea for the photographer actually. We just got the photographer booking forms through today so I will make a note on them.
  • oh,I also considered this quesiton,thanks for your information.
  • DrBridezillaDrBridezilla Posts: 1,018
    I think it really depends on your personal situation.

    Traditionally you would give flowers to mob and mog, as you say. I have not heard of people routinely giving them gifts as well but I could be wrong! It's OK to give only them flowers/gifts, most people would know this is traditional and would not feel left out.

    I think if they have helped you out with lots of wedding things (not just financially!) and you feel like you WANT to get them gifts then do. If not, don't!

  • I haven't decided what they will be getting yet but they will be getting a gift along with the bridesmaids and best man. I think its just tradition but I also want to say thank you to them especially my mum for all their help. I don't think the guest's will be bothered they get a little favour anyway, I am getting married in this country though so don't have the dilemma of having to take things across to another country and luggage weight.
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