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black with pink

mum wants to wear black accesories with dusky pink will it go?


  • Yes, if it's done right.
  • magsmags Posts: 3

    Thanks, shes thinking black patent shoes and bag and a fascinator, what do you think?


  • Think it depends on the style of dress... If it's a bit modern I think it could great, especially with a black necklace/bracelet. If it's an older style dress it might not work as well...
  • magsmags Posts: 3

    Hmm its a coat dress thanks for the advice

  • I think that would be nice. In my opinion, the trick is to not make the black accessories look like an after thought or an easy choice... So if you had silver jewellery but black shoes it might look like you just couldn't find any dusky pink shoes so settled on black. But if it's all black, it looks like more of a 'statement'... Just my opinion and might not even make sense x
  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253
    my mum bought an amazing black and pink hat. worked well together but agree making sure it doesn't look like an after thought
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