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I am getting married in July and my mum has no idea what to wear. Does anyone have any recommendations of where to look in the Liverpool area?


  • jacque vert in debenhams 


    they do lovely MOB outfits

  • Debi2Debi2 Posts: 15

    Thanks. We went there the other day but didn't see anything we liked 

  • Lisa226Lisa226 Posts: 127

    There is a great shop in Preston that do very nice (& a bit pricey) outfits for mum of the bride. Can't think what it's called though. There is Kay Nelson too in town

  • There's a shop in standish / Wigan I think called aubergine? We are planning a trip there in a couple of weekends as they've been to a couple of bridal fairs and they seem to have some nice outfits 😊. 

  • Monsoon had some lovely dresses

  • Debi2Debi2 Posts: 15

    Thanks for all your help guys. We have looked at kay nelson but they wanted at least £500 just for the dress even before a jacket or anything else. Monsoon don't seem to have much, the lady in the shop said it's not occasions season 

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