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Hi All!


So i have arranged a few weekends this month to go to try dresses on for the first time! I have invited my mother and being close with my future MIL i have asked her to come too!


My mother is not happy with this at all and is refusing point blank to go if my MIL does as she feels it should just be me and her! I see her side but she is being completely unfair, she isn't willing to compromise at all. Its not that i want a huge entourage for trying on dresses but I want my mother and my mother in law there as i value their opinions and being the indecisive bride i am need help from people that know me well.


I've now asked my sister to come along, but obvioulsy my mother has spoken behind my back and her opinion is that of my mothers but never the less has agreed to come. I offered my mother the first day to just be us and the rest would be with her my sister and MIL - again she has refused.


It's really upsetting not just for me but for my fiancee and his mum.


I really don't know where to go with this, being as stubborn as my mother i don't want to give in to her plus if i do that will take away any special feelings there should be. Please help me ladies :(


Do i just go with my sister and MIL? 


  • ahhh I know exactly how you feel! I had the same issue only a few weeks ago!

    heres my thread if you want to have a look  http://www.youandyourwedding.co.uk/forum/wedding-fashion/dress-shopping-and-motg/423411.html

    In the end I went with my mum the very first time and the second time and when I brought my dress I took my mum, mother in law to be and maid of honour!

    Hope you work something out hun, its so hard trying to please everyone! xxx

  • Kitten2014Kitten2014 Posts: 1,489

    I guess in the spirit of keeping the peace, I would offer her the "exclusivity" of the first visits, but I would also inform her that for the final dress visit(s) -the appointment(s) where you plan to buy your dress - that you plan to bring the MIL and sis.  Explain to her that it is important to you to BOTH have time with "just the two of you," but that it is ALSO important to you that you have these peoples' opinions to consider as well before making the final decision. I really think that's about as fair as you can be with everyone involved, considering her stance.

    I'm not taking her side in any way, shape, or form, but do be glad she's interested. Many of us have families that weren't/ aren't interested at all :(

  • Hayley217Hayley217 Posts: 29

    Your mother does sound like she is being a little childish, but as someone who's mother is not interested at all, I definitely would not shut her out of the dress shopping. She just knows that this is a very important part of your life and the wedding, and maybe she feels that it's the last bonding experience that she'll get with you and she wants it to be just the two of you before she has to share you with another man and another family. 

    My first dress shopping trip was with my future sister in law and she even tried on a bridesmaids dress. This is something that it typically done with your MOH and your mother, but unfortunately my family is not interested in the wedding at all, and I don't know what i would do without my partners family. 

    I personally think that after maybe going on one or two shops to try on the dresses, maybe the novelty will wear off and she'll feel a bit more comfortable with inviting your future mother in law. 

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