brides of Solihull

Getting married is a magical, exciting time of your life. So when I left Brides of Solihull feeling rather deflated I was somewhat disappointed. I am extremely lucky to have a mother who puts me first in every situation and now that I am getting married in January she has done nothing but run around and help to organise everything for me. We set one day to look for her 'mother of the bride' outfit. One day to make her feel special and put her first. After checking a few different places online my mother decided that she would like to visit Brides of Solihull. We found the shop quite easily and from the outside it looked a lovely, welcoming establishment. We walked in and were quickly approached by a lady asking what we were looking for. We explained that we needed a mother of the bride outfit and she guided us through to the appropriate area. My mother advised what sort of thing she was looking for, however everything she said was ignored. I helped my mother find a few different dresses and proceeded to help her through to the changing room. The lady didn't offer any help in dressing my mother in fact she didn't help with anything at all. She stood back and proceeded to look down her nose and make snooty comments. It was apparent at this time that she was not interested in making this an enjoyable experience or helping my mother in any way. She was very clearly only interested in making a sale. My mother tried on many different dresses and the ladies told her that they all looked wonderful, a rather exaggerated reaction regardless of what they actually looked like. I stood back while my mother was dressing and watched the other staff. One lady was steaming a wedding dress, she was standing all over it and throwing it around without any care. I would be appalled if thought my dress was being handled in this way. My mother went on to tell me that when she was in the changing room there was a wedding dress in there with a name and date attached to it. I really wouldn't like my dress being left in a changing room. After an hour or so we left. Both feeling somewhat down. When my mother went on to explain how she felt that all of the ladies were looking down their noses at her I was furious. Not the day I had envisioned. We were told by friends that there was a lovely bridal shop In Statford called Cordelia's. We headed there. All I can say is wow. The women there had impecable customer service. We experienced a friendly, personal touch. The lady knew exactly what would suit my mother and went on to help dress her. We found an exquisite outfit for my mother and luckily had a productive day despite the small blip of visiting brides of Solihull. I advise any ladies who read this to give it a miss and head straight to Cordelia's. I will be returning to Cordelia's with a photograph of the wedding as they requested. 


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