After years of being a wedding caterer I am finally a Mother of the Bride!!

By way of introduction - I used to be an avid poster on here as I was a Wedding Caterer and set up an outdoor glamping Wedding Venue.

We had to close down ( another long thread) due to  ( unwarranted )complaints from the villagers.

After literally holding the hands of 100's of brides and grooms I am now planning as a Mother of the bride :)

My daughter and future Son in law have never been the big frills and whistles type of wedding couple but have now chosen The Shang- ri-la The Shard for their small and unconventional wedding.


  • My mum is a wedding caterer and she's so excited that I'm going to get married now!! The slight problem I'm facing is shes being quite pushy with her ideas because she obviously knows the business well, but our ideas don't exactly match!

    Only been engaged for a few weeks and we've already come head to head over the fact that i don't really want a 3 course meal! 

    Its an exciting time for us though and she's thrilled to be part of the planning process! 

  • Congratulation!! MrsHumpiesToBe

    You sound like my daughter too she has waitressed at hundreds of my weddings and has always sat they are so samey. 3 courses mainly chicken , speeches, cut the cake first dance.

    She used to say she was going to have fish and chips out the paper served at her wedding!

    Now she doesn't even want to serve dinner!!!

    We have had a few differences but I refuse to let it be a row. She wants champagne and canapes ONLY!!! 

    I have told her your guests will be pissed off getting themselves to London just for canapes.

    She says they will come just to spend the afternoon in The Shard and lots of people go to cocktail parties with work and just drink champagne and eat canapes.

    Anyway we have compromised. The Shard have said they will also offer charcuterie boards and a cheese tower with artisan breads along with 20 canapes each

    Then before the guests leave at 6pm they will have wedding cake and Tea.

    I guess as a Mum and a wedding caterer it is hard to step back and not interfere. I want to be part of it but am being very good at holding back as my daughter  would not accept me taking over its her wedding just me paying for it lol

    I hope you and your Mum meet half way and enjoy planning together. AND your Mum enjoys someone else doing all the hard work on the day for once!

  • SammykateSammykate Posts: 3,844 New bride

    Just to say, I would come to a wedding in the Shard just for canapes- I've never been in the Shard and I like canapes! So try not to worry too much :)

  • I think guests would be pissed off inside. Well I know I wouldn't like it. Work parties are normally very late in the evening so the lack of a meal is understandable. Plus it would be a little annoying having to keep watching for a waiter to get a tiny bit of food each time. I would find that quite distracting whereas with a sit down meal you can relax, talk with friends and eat the meal in front of you.


    The reasons wedding formats are the same is because it is a good format. If your daughter wants canapes instead of a main meal, she is effectively feeding each guests an entire meal in a series of tiny portions. Normally cocktail and work parties are not providing canapes in place of a meal, they are little extras.


    Personally I think feeding people a big meal in small bits is not a good idea.

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