Best day is turning out to be my worst day!

what should be my best day is turning out to be my worst day and inneed help!! my mother and I have had non stop fights over this wedding. I am 32 and thought this day would never happen. the moment i knew he would ask I started pinning ideas and looking at venus. my parents insist about paying and I have told them I will stay well under my budget. i was hoping my mom would be like my other friends moms and it would be fun. But everything I have talked about she does the opposite. In one of our fights she actually said I want you to tell me what you want and I will be the one to plan it and make it happen ...but she knows I have different taste. We promised each other that she would ask before jumping and doing and she hasn't. I am giving her a list but I'm tired of trying to be so careful not to hurt her and shes bashing me every time I turn around and then buying stuff I don't want Or hadn't planned for ! Then I'm called ungrateful. I just want her to listen to what inneed. 


  • HailsHails Posts: 2,455

    do you need her money? Might be better to pay yourself and have exactly what you want.

  • Ambam19Ambam19 Posts: 583 New bride

    Agreed. If she's paying she has the biggest say unfortunately 

  • MrsJamesMrsJames Posts: 405 New bride

    Unfortunately some parents feel like if they are paying that the day is also about them. If you have tried talking to your mum and she still isn't going with what you want, I would say the best way forward would be to fund the wedding yourselves.

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