Hi All,


Another question. 


I am looking for gifts as any bride to be does for their MOB/MOG.

Gift ideas for MOG please?


I need extra special gift for mummy as she is not only MOB but she is giving me away which is extra special as she is so lovely and I lost my dad 2 years ago so i imagine it will be very emotional day. So I want something super lovely for her to treasure.


Thanks Ladies x


  • I have got my mum a framed personalised mother of the bride poem from Etsy and have got her a mother and daughter willow tree ornament, which she will be given the night before the wedding. 

    Then for MOB, MOG and step mother of bride to be given during the speeches, we have got them personalised engraved wine glasses, with their name, role and the wedding date on and a nice bottle of wine to go with them. 

    I have seen personalised hankies for MOB and MOG that looked lovely, but I'm wasn't sure if it's my mums sort of thing. 

    If you search mother of the bride gifts on etsy or ebay all sorts come up, I've seen keyrings, survival kits, purses, hankies, necklaces....

  • I got my Mum some birthstone earrings from Pandora and got my fiancés Mum a personalised family tree which is framed from eBay.

    What about some lovely jewellery that you could maybe get engraved?

  • Thanks ladies, lovely ideas.

    I just get overwhelmed looking because I want something special and different from the usual gifts.

    I like ideas you've both mentioned.


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