In white and walking me down the aisle?!

So my mum is walking me down the aisle at my wedding which is just so meaningful and lovely for the both of us!

She just told me that she has ordered a dress online which I thought was great because she'd been struggling to find anything she really loved! However, it is white and I don't know if I'm being silly and maybe it's because she's walking me up the aisle I'm worried it might look bad for her to be in the same colour; you know how people can talk at weddings! I don't even know if I could say to her though if I don't like it! I don't know, any thoughts or advice? 


  • MrsL-GMrsL-G Posts: 86 New bride

    It would be unusual for you to both wear white but if you don't mind, that's all that matters.

  • Rach371Rach371 Posts: 1,119 New bride

    Could you perhaps ask her to wear something else? If it were up to me I would want my mum wearing a different colour. 

    That said, you need to ask yourself what's important- ultimately if it doesn't really matter to you then it might not be worth the aggravation!

  • lauren318lauren318 Posts: 482

    what matters to you is most important but i do think a slight colour variation might be better for photos x

  • Miss-MrsMiss-Mrs Posts: 117

    lol I had to laugh at this, sorry.


    There is such a rile at no one should wear white at the weddings, and I'd be stumped if that ends up being the case for me! generally id rather she wore a different colour.


    Perhaps you could have a joke about it and say its not really the done thing, and work in if she could wear a colour jacket an shoes/belt around the dress so her colour pop is more of the outfit rather than the white dress? Think that's how id tackle it OR see if you could get a family member to say to her 'mum you can;t wear white its not the done thing'



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