My mum isn’t coming to my wedding

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  • I'm really sorry that you're so upset and I hope you can find a way to get past it.

    I'm not judging who's right or wrong but it sounds like there's a lot of drama and hurt feelings on both sides. Would it help to sit down and work out what's really important, what's really hurting you and what doesn't really matter in the grand scheme of things? It might help you to see through all the messiness and upset. Then you can ask for an apology for what really matters, give apologies for what really matters to your Mum, and just let go of the rest. 

    Weddings and funerals are really emotional times and somehow you need to work out whether these issues are as massive as they feel or whether you'd rather forgive, forget and have your mum there. Have you talked it through with your fiance?
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    I think your fiance is right - unless she realises her behaviour is wrong and apologises she shouldn't attend. Sadly for you she sounds quite narcissistic so that's not likely - I mean of course your dad's new partner should have been in the front row, not her! She's lucky she was welcome at all, if my dad dies before my stepmum I very much doubt my mum will even be invited to his funeral.
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