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sooooooooo p****d off!

:\?I had arranged a weekend shopping trip for my mum, sister, mog, and sil2b for this weekend. Now my little boy is not very well and I asked could we do it next weekend instead. That is not good enough for sil and mog and they are going without me today! I feel a shopping trip just for the girls would have been a really good bonding experience and had a good day planed with a nice lunch for everyone! Am I being unreasonable?:\?

ps sil has really bad dress sence and i wanted to make sure she had a nice dress for my wedding pictures, i know i am being mean now but i can't help it!

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  • S79S79 Posts: 62
    Hi hayley

    I wouldn't worry too much about them going without you today. I would just explain to them though how much you really wanted the whole experience with them and how you thought it would bond both families together. I am sure once you have explained this to them they will come on the shopping experience with you the following week too!

    I would let them know this asap so they will hold off buying anything today and can then wait on your opinion the following week. Normally for a big occassion like a wedding it takes a few shopping trips before you find exactly what you want for the big day anyway!!

    I would tread carefully as if you are wanting to guide them on what to wear they might not listen if you have all just had a disagreement.

    I know exactly what you mean as I am wanting to know what everyone will be wearing so everyone looks good together for the photos too!

    S x
  • i tried to tell them and they had the cheek to say they would prefer to go alone anyway! y do i bother at all! thanks for your advice though x
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