where to shop for quite a young mob

Hi i live in northern ireland and we r finding it hard finding an outfit for my mum, shes 41 and anything we have seen so far has been for the older mums! My wedding isnt till sep so any advice most welcome:\)


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    i can suggest a few places although my mum still hasnt found her outfit though as she is very picky but she is also a young mob. You could try places like monsoon or phase eight they have a good range, if you dont have either locally they both have online sites. Other places your mum might find something is in debenhams in 'coast' section as these are meant for middle age women and younger so maybe there, if not other sections of debenhams can be good - at moment they have a sale on too! Hope this helps a bit, let us know how you get on when you go shopping! Oh and other advice is start to shop early as i think its a lot harder to find something that the mob likes when she is young. Our wedding is august and we still havent found anything.x

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  • Thanks thats great we had a nosey on the websites and seen loads on coast so hopefully when we go trying on something will suit!! Will let you no how we get on x image
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    Im having the same with my mum, everywhere we have looked seems to be for older mums. We will have to try coast too!
  • my mum has had the exact same problem

    she bought this last weekend from phase eight & looks fab in it!!!

  • Thats really pretty, tho my mum is 5ft aswell so we need to find petite clothes, i didnt realise how hard it would be to get her sorted!
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    Hi, my mum's the same size and quite young so we were trying to avoid a lot of the usual mother if the bride outfits. Ended up with a gorgeous oyster a line dress and choc brown jacket from Coast- it's perfect. We got the in Debenhams in Castle Court
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    my mam got a dress from the "together" range, its in freemans and kaleidoscope catalogue, its a gorgeous dress


    they do loads of this typ of dress, i think they are lovely for a young mum (or really young looking, mine is 53 and she looks about 40, i am very jealous!!)



    there is an evening dresses section on both these sites, thats where u can find the together range.

    also i think sme other girls have mentioned this but phase eight are gorgeous, mil2b has got hers from there and it is beautiful. they have loads in at the moment


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    we had the same problem. my mum is 42 and gorgeous! and to make things harder she is giving me away - therefore it was like, i want you to look good mum but not soooo good that everyone looks at you and not me. in the end she has gone for


    because she's giving me away as well had to particularly make sure colour of her dress didn't clash with the BMs dresses. I get married 2 weeks today and she only got it last week, so was getting a little tense!
  • My Mum is the same, she's 40 and didn't want to look 'too frumpy' or 'old lady-ish) lol, H2B's Mum is 55 so quite a bit older than mine and more likely to wear the usual look.

    She's just found somthing in Bonmarche! She never would normally even look in there! But she found a trouser suit where the Jacket has a Jackie-O vibe to it and got some great accesories from accesorize - Originally thought she'd get somthing from Monsoon or somewhere like that but looked at that shop on the off-chance, so sometimes it's worth a look in the 'fuddy-duddy' shops.

    15days to go for me! Good luck discoball, you're the day before me image x
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