Debenhams Personal Shopper - Do it!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to let people know how fantastic the 'personal shopper' service that Debenhams provide is. Hopefully Nickipink is reading this because she was looking for some advice.

Basically, we set up our gift list at Debenhams and in all the Bunff they give you was an advertisement for their Personal Shopper service. I thought it might be nice for my mum and so booked her an appointment. I know that she only went along to please me and she clearly convinced that she wouldn't find anything. Well we had the BEST day ever! We went to the Preston store and a girl called Kirstie looked after us and it was brilliant, we sat and had complimentary coffee while Kirstie went off and filled a rail of clothes with outfits for my Mum. When she came back I could see in my mum's eyes that she wouldn't have chosen any of the clothes on the rail, but thankfully she was game enough to try them all on. She bought the second outfit she tried on!! It was a different style and colour to what she would have normally chosen and it just looked brilliant! And what is so fab is that it is completely stress free! The service is Free, there's no searching for matching shoes, hats, bags, jewellery, because the shopper brings it all to your changing room. She even kitted my Mum out with a well fitted bra and magic knickers - and she looks incredible!!

So anyone out there looking for any sort of special outfit, i couldn't recommend the service highly enough. And not only that, if people spend money at Debenhams and you have a gift list there, the money they spend goes towards your 'wedding spend total' which in turn gives you bigger voucher amounts for Debenhams!

I'm aware that I do actually sound like I work on commission for Debenhams, but I was just thoroughly impressed and it was so lovely to see my Mum so happy and being pampered.

I hope it may be of some use to some of you!!



  • charivaricharivari Posts: 95
    I totally agree julesstyle. I took my mum to the Southport branch (Keren) a couple of weeks ago and it was excellent. Totally stress free like you say. My mum has Alzheimer's so buying her an outfit was never going to be easy. At first she refused to try anything on so I had to use all my powers of persuasion. Keren was very patient and was excellent with my mum. And like you we ended up buying the second outfit she tried on. But there was absolutely no pressure to buy. And it only took us an hour. My mum even forgot that she didn't like shopping, especially with the complementary wine.
  • sherd3sherd3 Posts: 303
    Sounds fantastic! My mum is struggling with something to wear, think this would be a great way of finding something! Is it really free? Or only to those using their gift service?

    Shall have a nosey on their website xx
  • Great idea!

    But don't use the Trafford Center for older ladies - we tried with my Gran and the personal shopper was so apologetic as the policy of that shop was to stock for 'young trendies' - the PS was so annoyed at the policy but couldnt really help find anything suitable for Gran - she did try.

    But other branches of Debenhams should be fine.

  • d7pd7p Posts: 298
    I used a personal shopper in Monsoon once as I was trying to find a dress for a friend's wedding & beginning to lose hope that there was no dress at all to fit me in the whole of Glasgow! She was brilliant & I got a lovely dress. I tried to get an appointment for my mum with the personal shopper in John Lewis, but she was away on holiday and the stand-in was fully booked. It's definitely a stress-free way of shopping & to be recommended if you are after something specific.

  • charivaricharivari Posts: 95
    jadebryan - yes it is completely free. And we don't have a gift list with Debenhams.
  • babyx1uk3babyx1uk3 Posts: 494
    do you have to book or can you just go in on the day and ask for one? please get back to me asap as going shopping soon! x
  • babyx1uk3babyx1uk3 Posts: 494
    just to let you other brides know that i have found out that you can book online or you can phone up (number is online) hope this helps anyone else that was thinking the same thing as me! x
  • Hiya,

    Do they take your budget into consideration? I would be worried that they would bring too expensive things and my mum would feel pressures/embarrased into buying what she can't afford??


    FS x
  • babyx1uk3babyx1uk3 Posts: 494
    arghhhh they dont have one in my local branch and the nearest is miles away! grrr! time to think again, anyone know of any other personal shoppers in other stores??!

    i imagine if you told them your budget they would take it into consideration just make it clear before you start how much you would like to spend on hte whole outfit including shoes,etc. x
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