Why is MIL2B so difficult??

Why is it that my MIL2b is a right pain in the bottom!!

She has now decided that she wants to come to the house where I am getting ready and get herself ready there too..... I wanted it to be just my family and my 2 boys as I probably won't have much time to see or speak to them otherwise (and my parents have done so much for us in the run up to the big day!!)

Now to top it all she doesn't want to stay at the hotel that night as her ex husband (who is obviously h2b's dad) will be staying over night with his new wife and family!!! so has asked for a key to our house (which h2b has agreed to) so they can stay there........................... I mean honestly can't she put this rubbish behind her for ONE day?????? They've been divorced for 10 yrs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but to me it sounds like it was only last week...........

To say I was annoyed about h2b saying that she could have a key - is an understatement........




  • julesb2bjulesb2b Posts: 159
    Aw dear, what a position to be in.

    Can slightly understand her preferring to stay over at your house the night before but defintely NOT getting ready with you in the morning!!!!! That's just a no no, not sure how to get round this one, maybe gentle talk that its going to be a special time with your parents and really she should be taking the chance of that special time with h2b insetad of you ??? oh I don't know.

    Good luck!

  • Sweet2BeukSweet2Beuk Posts: 636
    I fully understand!!! My mil2b is really winding me up! At our venue there are only 11 bedrooms and all other guests will have to go elsewhere. And she's trying to tell me who to put where - entirely forgetting my family of course. I have to politely tell her its my choice!! I am only picking people I want at my wedding breakfast!!!

    My mil2b is also getting ready with me, mum and maids. I dont want her there but have to. grrrrr

  • lou_n_jacoblou_n_jacob Posts: 192
    I know this sounds terrible - but I'm so pleased I'm not the only one going through a bad experience with the MIL from hell......

    Theres more to add to the above story.......

    I spoke to her yesterday eve and said I wanted to spend the wedding morning with my family - and she just butt in and said "that why I thought you would like me to be around....!" I mean honestly does she JUST NOT GET IT.......???

    Blooming woman!!!!!

  • Guess you're just gonna have to be blunt and say the first time you want to see your mil2b is when you walk down the aisle and see her in a pew!

    I can't believe the cheek of the woman!

    I personally wouldn;t find it too rude his mum wanting to stay at his house after the wedding, especially if i was on honeymoon, BUT if that was where i was getting ready, then there would be no chance of her being there at all.

    What does your fella think? surely he can see that it's not on?

  • ang772ang772 Posts: 1,399
    I totally understand.its quite nice tho that she wants to spend time with you&is taking am interest.i think you are going to have to tell her straight out.maybe H2b should speak to her.
  • Sweet2BeukSweet2Beuk Posts: 636
    Hey bubby bride! It doesn't sound terrible at all, everyone I meet at the moment keeps telling me how much they get on with their mil2b all the time and it makes me think I'm mad!

    Is there actually going to be room for her? If not then you have a good excuse. I think you're in a tight spot because you dont want to be blurt it out, it might create tension on the day. Mmmmm its such a tough one. You either do what I do and just cave in for the sake of peace even if it isn't what you want image or you keep fighting it.

    Have you told h2b off for giving her a key??

  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    Why not give her a job to do to keep her busy? She could be in charge of taking the corsages over to your h2b, for example? It would give you some time with your parents.
  • MissscukMissscuk Posts: 199
    I know what you mean, mine is a pain in the backside
  • MummyR2BMummyR2B Posts: 169
    My situation is really wierd my parents divorced when I was a baby so I have a step monster - who wont be involved apart from turning in and trying to upstage me - she'll prob wear her wedding dress!! My own Mum was killed 2 years in June so wont be there so my Aunt (mums sister) who is my rock is MOB for the day and then theres the MIL2B.

    H2B bro got married last year and his wife is very pink and fluffy and girly and I'm not I prefer simple and elegant so what I want is totally different to hers so when I mention stuff she'll say stuff like '' but weren't Lisa's flowers lovely'' pink roses not with my white, purple and silver theme!! or her dress was lovely though with the massive train- think it was lovely for her but not me.

    Apparently I'm lazy too because I've put a bit of weight on since we lost my mum and make excuses not to do anything about it although I work full time and have a business from home too so doesnt leave much time for gym. She doesn't work and goes every day but hasn't lost a pound since she started 3 years ago. She doesnt seem to understand we're such different people that our weddings are totally different they had theirs at a pub with a room ours is at a very expensive hotel and I'm also not allowed to have dress code or the original venue i wanted that is 40 mins away from us coz no one will come apparently!!!

    Sorry rant over, totally understand your frustrations as H2B doesnt know how to say 'NO' to her which makes it worse so I have to be the big bad wolf all the freakin time!!!
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