MOB/MOG shops in North Wales or North West?

Please help, we are trying to find MOB/MOG shops in the area for my MOG to find her dream outfit for the day and we're not having much luck.

Any ideas?



  • mrssum2bmrssum2b Posts: 45
    I found my MIL2B's outfit in Phase Eight in Cheshire Oaks, the sales assistant was very friendly and helpful too, there are other shops there too that sell wedding outfits for MOB/MOG, also makes for a fun day out!
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    Have you thought about John Lewis? They generally have a large selection. There's the one at Cheadle Royal, also the Trafford Centre now. Or maybe Debenhams, and get a personal shopper!
  • bev2656bev2656 Posts: 254
    where in north wales are you?
  • claireclairedclaireclaired Posts: 233
    Hi Cwci

    Has she tried the Lodge on the way to Ruthin, my mum got he's from there and its got some lovely ranges. It has some younger stuff too, not quite as stuffy as some of the MOB/MOG typical outfits. Its reasonably priced too and definately one off.

  • Hiya Bev (NWP?) Any ideas on outfits?
  • Thanks Claire, actually I went there the other day with my mum and saw a really nice outfit for MOG. Hopefully she's going to see it soon! Thanks
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