woo hoo found mum an outfit

Well i am over the moon - it took my sister over a year to find my mum a wedding outfit. I took her out on Saturday and found a perfect one for her.

It was from Debehams John Rocha new collection. A baby pink dress and fitted jacket with a dusky pink floral motive on it. She looked lovely



  • emilybiscuitemilybiscuit Posts: 1,298
    well done, its such a nice feeling when you finally find your mums outfit too - my mum and I found her outfit a couple of wks ago - looks amazing - I'm so pleased. Have you sorted yr mums accessories yet ? All the best image x
  • auntygertauntygert Posts: 448
    i am also lucky as my mum found her outfit a little while ago and as well as being happy, i cannot wait to introduce her to everyone as she looks absolutely fab in it. all she has left is to find a hat (which is proving a bit difficult but i have found another shop we might have luck in before having to hit LONDON (NOOOOO) and not come home without one.
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