Don't know where to get mum's outfit

Don't have a big budget for this but obviously I want her to look special but i don't know where to look, my mum is pretty short 5ft 1" and she's apple shaped around size 16. I will go shopping if I have to but ideally would like to find something mail order or online as my mum isn't particularly up to physical shopping. I ordered some bits from Debenhams online but they just didn't suit her shape. Any suggestions?


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    try www.
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    Thanks coldchardonnay but I had a look on there, I wasn't particularly impressed with the selection though.
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  • my mum has looked all over for something special that was within her budget, she has tried on a few outfits in some of the wedding boutiques but didnt have £500+ to spend on just a dress, then buy shoes, hat etc

    then we found phase eight!!!!!!!

    we were shopping in southport & mum tried a fab dress on there, we then came home & looked online & they had the dress in a beautiful bluey colour (mum is blonde with bright blue eyes) & they have a store in liverpool

    we went on saturday & she bought the dress!!!

    she looks a million dollars

    while in the store we saw loads of fab outfits
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    OMG. Thank you sooo much party-princess!!! I LOVE this shop that you have suggested. It is PERFECT for my mum! Thanks again. xx
  • no probs, glad i could help

    my mum really struggled as a lot of the shops seemed to stock fashions more suited to older mother of the brides.

    my mum is in her 40's & quite fashionable & a lot of the outfits we saw were just not her style

    this was the only shop where she was actually spoilt for choice & the outfits were still within budget
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    any other shops like this that you came across party princess? x
  • coast & monsoon also have some gorgeous outfits suitable for a mother of the bride
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    Thanks Partyprincess, I think there's a branch somewhere near me so I will go in and have a look.
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    thanks will have to have a look.x
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