After just putting a thread re my mum's outfit and needing a hat - i thought well who would know better than my esteme brides on where to go and look - She has already tried BHS, Debenhams etc already so now having to try further afield.

any ideas on shops to look in?

we live in carshalton, surrey so London (if i must) and surounding areas we are willing to get to.

many thanks


  • wright_joannawright_joanna Posts: 123
    Both my Mum and MiL2B have got their hats from John Lewis; Kingston would be the nearest to you I guess. They've got a good selection of styles and colours, and reasonably priced.

    If not, I also looked for Mum at Louise Oliver (www.louiseoliver.com); I think you can buy on-line but if not there's a shop in London. These look fantastic and some of similarly priced to John Lewis.

    If finding a hat is difficult, have you thought about fascinators?

  • dippy_moo86dippy_moo86 Posts: 1,862
    accessorize have some lovely ones!
  • jeskiukjeskiuk Posts: 2,051
    My mum is refusing to wear a hat, unless she can get one from a charity shop cos they cost too much!
  • ana_leighukana_leighuk Posts: 474
    jeski-has she thought about hiring one? it doesn't cost very much for a weekend, and is much cheaper than buying!
  • bentos1bentos1 Posts: 887
    i can understand my mum bought her hat for my brothers wedding the other day....£183!!!! for a hat!
  • jeskiukjeskiuk Posts: 2,051
    Thanks girls but I have a feeling she is just trying to be difficult. She's also said she won't be on any photos.
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