Idea for outfit for larger MOB

My Mum has really been struggling to find an outfit that she feels is 'special' enough for her to wear when i get married-she has a strong sense of tradition, and feels it is nearly as much her day as it is mine (which is fine, because she knows that i'm most important-she's just vying for 2nd place with h2b :\) )

she is a high street size 20/22, and has been dieting and exercising, and has done really well with her weight loss, however alot of places that stock those more 'special' outfits don't go up to big enough sizes.

After much shopping, on the internet and in many towns, my Mum ordered her dress-a bridesmaid dress. i don't have a picture to show you, but it doesn't look specifically bridesmaid like, it is quite a classic style, but with some sparkle that she can show off in the evening.

i just wanted to let everyone else who is in a similar situation know of a different option - it costs about as much as a dress from other places, my Mum is happy, because she has picked the style and the colour, and no-one else will be wearing the same dress as her (at least i hope not!)
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