Really happy as my mum has finally got all the bits for her outfit and she looks absolutely fab.

i am just glad that i have arranged for her to go Derby so she gets to wear it more than once.

She really deserves a special treat for all the help she has given me.


  • imz15imz15 Posts: 163
    That's great. I'm having real problems with my mum. Do you mind me asking where she got it, what it is and how much it was? Sorry for being cheeky but I really need help! X
  • sirsuksirsuk Posts: 2,478
    I think it's more stressful finding something for our mums than it is for

  • edwaragedwarag Posts: 27
    i comletely understand! i took my mum out twice and came back just about talking. the minute i left her to go on her own, she finds something and it's stunnng. at least that's one worry off my list ;o)
  • auntygertauntygert Posts: 448
    it was a lot (hence why i wanted her to get to wear it again). her outfit is from paddy campbell (found it in a boutique but they were not very helpful so went on line and she brought it direct from them. we live in surrey and all the accessories came from a shop in banstead, surrey. if you still want the name i can get it for you.
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