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i seem to have been everywhere with my mum, and still she cannot find an outfit for our wedding. With just over three months to go im starting to worry that she might not get sorted. She goes to a lot of balls with my dad (he's in the RAF) and she always ends up shopping for an outfit the week of the ball and ends up getting something shes not too keen on just cos shes running out of time. Need some ideas of where we can go next week!


  • spagalenaspagalena Posts: 614

    Have you had a trip out to Bicester Village yet? There's loads of good places for a MOTB outfit there - LK Bennet, Jigsaw, Monsoon etc.

    Good luck x
  • clindleyukclindleyuk Posts: 776
    Does she have an idea of what she is looking for? if yu go through some magazines with her and get an idea of what she wants, it'll be much easier finding something. good luck! also try second hand dress shops, they often have really expensive suits and dresses etc for practically nothing! my mum got a beautiful outfit for my cousins wedding for £70, new it would have been about £700!!
  • lawveelawvee Posts: 1,378
    How much does she want to spend?
  • carrieg4nowcarrieg4now Posts: 290
    Mum got hers from No 25 Bourne End (near Marlow). It looks fantastic on her! Not cheap but lots of choice.
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