Gift for mom on the day?

Really not sure what i can get my mom on the day, have already spent a fortune on flowers and will be loads about on the day,so dont want to buy more to give as a present, would like something else but struggling for ideas, what is everyone else doing?

Ideas appreciated



  • I have bought the Mum's a glass gold heart token from confetti they are £8.99
  • NearlyMrsMikeNearlyMrsMike Posts: 1,764
    I bought my mum a pearl necklace and matching earrings to wear on the day, and I gave them to her before the wedding so that she could try it with her outfit. Also I got pearls because I was wearing pearl jewellery for the wedding.

    Then at the wedding party I gave her a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne.

  • babyboofulbabybooful Posts: 1,099
    I have got my mum some diamond earrings to give the night before and then on the day she will get a bouquet of flowers!
  • Hobbers24Hobbers24 Posts: 35

    I've been thinking about this one too recently, I want to get my mum something nice as she has been a great help and her and her husband have contributed a substantial chunk of money towards to fund, but then there is my dad's wife (they have also contributed some money) and then my H2B's mum (not contributed anything, financial or otherwise!).

    I'd probably have gone with flowers for all 3 and something additional for my mum which I could give her on the morning, but my dad and his wife do not live in this country and are flying back 2 days after the wedding so I feel spending £40 on flowers for her would be a waste.

    So I need to get all 3 something which we can give out during speeches - does anyone have any ideas I can borrow?
  • I don't want to do gifts at the ceremony so a couple of days before h2b and I are going to get his Mum a stunning bouquet....Not sure about my Mum though - I'm going straight on my honeymoon so after the wedding day I won't see my bouquet and I don't want to throw it as there will only be a few single girls there - small wedding with about 35 guests (Don't really want to throw £90 bouquet either....) so I thought my Mum could have it so she'd enjoy the flowers but this means I don't want to get her flowers as a gift...

    I've thought about different options but I think I may get my Mum a non-traditional gift, Just somthing she'd like instead. Also thought about buying those gift card things you can get for a restuarant for her and my step-dad to go out for dinner.....
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