Our May 3rd Wedding........With Pics

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Hi everyone- got our wedding report here with pics at the end. Pics to follow a bit later on. Hope you enjoy..................

May 3rd

I was up pacing at 5.30 am due to not being ale to sleep. My BM must have herad me at 6am as she gave me a gift from h2b (my now husband- am struggling to get used to the term 'husband'). I opened it and in it was a video player mp3 player with aq recorded video message- which was so sweet and by this point I was crying my eyes out! I spoke to h2b at 8.30am to say thanks for present and just to tell him that I love him and couldn't wait to be Mrs Zilz. I went outside and the sun was shining and it was really warm (the forecast was rain) so I was so relieved

Mum and the other BM arrived at 9an and I was having my hair done whilst everyone was having their make up. One of my good friends was doing my hair and he was keeping me entertained and calm throughout- I was worried that I wasn't nervous!

I then had my make up applied whilst mum and BM cracked open the rose wine- I didn't have any though as I didn't want to go blotchy in the church! The makeup artist was fantastic and I found it so calming.

By this time it was half eleven- 1.5 hours till wedding! Was getting excited by this point but as we were let down by seamstress, mum and the BM's had to work out how to tie my lace back dress- and it took a good half hour to get on and plus the time it took for my tiara and veil to be fixed- the BM's Daimler had arrived 20 mins early, but we told them they would have to wait until half 12 as they weren't even dressed- everything was planned like clockwork but it just didn't map out exactly how it was supposed to!

My brother and dad came at this point as they were coming with me in the Bentley. The BM's and Mum all left and I was all calm and excited until...................

My brother was holding my bouquet for me and a massive rose fell out of the bouquet and I was mortified- in order to make it look reasonable I had to take out a further 3 flowers and 2 leaves to make it look right- was so upset. What made matters worse was that the Bentley was stuck in traffic and was supposed to arrive at 12.40pm but didn't turn up until 1pm. I am never late for anything and by this point I was all flustered and stressed rather than excited and nervous!

We finally made the church at 1.15- 15 minutes late and we were hurried to the door to go in straight away. By this point I was crying, but my brother who was giving me away was amazing- he squeezed my hand and said- -James is waiting for you down there- don't let him down' and then told me that I looked amazing. I was ready to make my entrance

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    I walked down that aisle in a daze to -The arrival of the Queen of Sheba' and then I saw h2b at the end looking, so handsome. I was very emotional and this was the point when I realised that no matter what went wrong- it was all about that moment. H2B looked at me and he was quivering, you could see that he was trying hard not to cry.

    He told me I looked sensational and I felt a surge of happiness. The vicar was great- as he introduced the first hymn, he said that he expected good participation from the Welsh as the song was Bread of Heaven.

    I had the biggest smile on my face whilst saying the vows and it was such a beautiful experience. When we were pronounced husband and wife we got a massive cheer from everybody. Walking out after signing the register was awesome- I love the wedding march and it was so lovely walking out of the church, knowing that you are now somebody's wife.

    Everyone was congratulating us as we had the formal photo's taken- which went smoothly, apart from one of my friends running over a traffic cone whilst driving out of the church and taking ages trying to drive up a verge to try and get it out from under the car- everyone thought it was hilarious!

    My husband and I then went to the hotel in the Bentley- it was so lovely to spend some time alone together and I will always remember that trip as it was so romantic- with our glasses of champagne. We were ready to greet everyone for the Reception

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    more, more and pics....it's lovely xx
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    We arrived at the Lymm Hotel and walked up the red carpet and everyone was cheering loudly. This was lovely. We all had a Pimms welcome drink and canap????s as we mingled, chatting to people. Everyone said how great the service was and were complementing us on how nice we looked (not used to that haha)

    We then had the receiving line which we were debating over whether to gave one or not, but we did and are so grateful. It just consisted of both sets of parents and myself and the groom and was great saying hello to every single person and thanking them for coming. We got some amazing advice from people that will stick with us forever and it was really quite emotional.

    Nothing could prepare us for the cheers and screams when we were announced into the room- it was incredible. I have never heard noise like it- everyone looked so happy for us and again I was struggling not to cry!

    The room looked sensational- the chair covers really brightened the room up and grand prix roses were the main flowers of the wedding looked sensational in their posies at the centre of the table. Despite the bouquet falling apart- every other floral detail was perfect and looked out of this world. The favours were organza bags of a mini carved welsh love spoon for the ladies with burgundy chocolate hearts and the men got chocolate casino chips ad a chocolate cigar each. Couldn't believe how these little touches have really made a difference to the tables.

    We tucked into our meal of salmon, followed by turkey and then bread and butter pudding with rum cream- it was beautiful! Everyone kept getting their glasses topped up throughout and what was a previous concern for us in terms of how much wine to provide it worked out just right. We had champagne poured ready for the speeches.........

    The speeches were all so good, none were too long, but all of them were both funny and sentimental. My new husband made me cry- he was struggling to keep composed and he was welling up - everyone was really supportive and cheering and it was a really good atmosphere.

    The evening progressed and the pianist started playing on the grand piano in the bar area whilst the room was being changed for the evening reception. It was a really nice ambience. By this time I was feeling quite tipsy and so were most people and everyone was up for the evening do.

    It was so nice that lots of my distant relatives came for the evening as well as work colleagues from both of our workplaces and other friends- is was good to have a bit of a catch up with them before the first dance. The one thing I would say was that we didn't get to speak to the evening guests nearly as much as we would have liked- there were just too many people fighting for your attention and it is really difficult to speak to everyone.

    We danced our first dance to Barry White 'Just the Way You Are' and my new husband mouthed out the words of the spoken bit which the guests loved- we even did some spontaneous twirling and moving and everyone thought it was pre rehearsed but it wasn't. It was so much fun and we both were having such a giggle. Our second dance was Andy Williams and every single person was up dancing and the third dance- is this the way to Amarillo everyone took part in that as well and it was such an amazing feeling.

    The evening was a bit of a blur- to be honest we danced most of the night, and everyone mingled and had a really good time. The DJ said that he had never seen such a good wedding party in terms of everyone having such a good time and being up for a boogie. All of our nostalgic favourite songs were played and everyone was really going for it. My favourite point of the evening was when Disco 2000 came on- it seemed to be a favourite anthem for everybody and everyone went crazy- shame it all went so quick

    We stayed up until 12.20am and said our goodbyes- apparently the last people went to bed about 5am and had a great time in the residents bar- Ashley from Coronation street was one of the few other people staying at the hotel and he was chatting to some of the guests after we went to bed.

    All in all we had the most amazing day- the only advice I can give- is that if something does go wrong- just try and think of the bigger picture- no one noticed that my bouquet got smaller and smaller throughout the day! The little things we did definitely made that much more of a difference- the favours and kids goody bags were really well received as were the bubbles and getting chair covers. We did end up spending a lot more money on these little extras but they made the room look so much nicer and the wedding that little bit more special. Remember to take a stand back with your new husband in the evening and absorb it all in as it does go so quickly and you need to hold on to as many memories as you can!

    Don't have many photo's yet as the official ones aren't ready and wont be for a while, but have got a few here from our big day


  • julie444ukjulie444uk Posts: 2,129
    You look amazing really chuffed the pair of you. Lovely report also, i love reports
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    Fabulous report!! You both look amazing and soooooooooo happy.

    Lots of luck for your future,

    Julie x
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    Lovely photos, gorgeous dress, fabulous wedding car. Congratulations!

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    Sat here in tears reading your report xx

    Love your pics xx
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    You look amazing! I am so glad you enjoyed your fabulous day!

    Enjoy your new married life together!

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    Congratulations - it sounds like you had a fantastic day!

    Would you mind me asking - how much wine did you decide to have? We've been debating how much we need to provide?
  • alisonmariebalisonmarieb Posts: 1,088
    Congratulations - it sounds like you had a fantastic day!

    Would you mind me asking - how much wine did you decide to have? We've been debating how much we need to provide?
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    What a briliant report! You looked stunning, the bridesmaids and mothers' outfits were gorgeous and you both look really happy together. Enjoy married life! xxx
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    Hi alisonmarieb- we went for 1/2 a bottle per person- but not everyone drinks (pregfnant women/ drivers etc..) so it always works out more than this. We went 50/50 red and white and the white was slightly more popular, but think this is because we had turkey for mains. Hope this helps x
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    Congratulations - looks and sounds like a perfect day
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    congratulations missy, lovely report, lovely pics. all the best for a long and happy future x
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    O my! It made me cry reading this! what am I going to be like when mine actually happen!!

    Congrats, everything looked lovely and you sound like you had an AMAZING day!!!
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    congrats . jules x
  • Congrats, you looked beautiful and very happy

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