May 3rd, our fab day with pics part1

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I will start on the tuesday before the wedding which was my last day in work, I work as a taff Nurse in a Day Theatre department and all of my colleugues are bonkers! As a very thoughtful leaving for 2 weeks to get married gesture they decided to drench me in freezing cold water and cover me in the little dots you find in paper punches!! After the initial shock of the cold water I did get quite emotional and swore to get them aall back somehow LOL. The rest of the week was a mix of picking dresses up,last minute honeymoon shopping and general excitement really. Our best man had come over from Dubai for the wedding so he was staying at ours for the week, he turned out to be a massive help which was great.

On the Friday time seemed to whizz by, my daughter and I went to hvae our nails done in the morning and after went for a nice girly chat over a coffee. She is nearly 14 and was so excited about being a bridesmaid for the first time yet also a little apprehensive about her mum getting married, so a skinny latte and a muffin set us straight for the busy day ahead. I seemed to spend the rest of Friday packing my case to go to the Ashburnham Hotel (where the ceremony etc was being held) and ticking off my checkilst which I couldn't have been without. My husband to be was so calm all day, despite a hangover as his best man had taken out to Swansea the night before, I think he was too calm and did suspect that he would be very emotional saying his vows as I thought I would be.

Anyway, I gave our best man the present I had bought Derek along with a card in which I had written a lovely verse saying about how we got engaged etc. I had bought him a Cairn Celtic watch and a set of celtic cufflinks. I had asked Wayne( the best man) to give Derek the gift on the morning of the wedding. At 4.45 pm my daughter and I left for the hotel, which thankfully is only about 15 mins from oour home, and my mother was to follow us there at about 7pm.

When we arrived at the hotel there was a wedding in full swing which made me feel quite sureal that tomorrow that would be me!!! We were given the key to our triple room which would be the room we stayed in the nihgt before, the room where 4 of us would get ready in the morning and the room where my mum would sleep with my daughter the night of the wedding...... So you can imagine my horror when we open the door to find that the room was probably the worse in the hotel, boiling hot with no window that opened, no air conditioning that worked and a smell of roast dinner coming from the kitchen!!! This is the point when I cried, the point when all of my dreams of a realxed pre wedding evening went out of the window ( no pun intended) and I was distraught with just my teen daughter to console me ,bless her!! I went straight downstairs to reception to be told that all they could do was provide another room (a double) for me to keep the dresses in so that they wouldn't smell of the roast dinner!!! I asked if that was all they could do and how stated how upset I was by the situation and the response was "sorry I can't do any more than that!" I accepted the double room for the dresses and asked if they at least had a fan to cool the room a bit for us to sleep and breathe in there, they provided a desktop fan which barely sufficed! I resigned myself to the situation and refused to get upset about it any more.... My friend arrived at the hotel and told us that they had a stnd up fan in their room which they didn't need so that found its way into our room quite quickly it didn't seem quite so bad after that. We had to iron the dresses slighly so we did that and went downstairs for a meal and a nice glass or 2 of chardonnay. I was so much more relaxed at about 9.30pm and decided that if thats all that was going to go wrong then I would be content with that! phew have got crampp in my fingers but its so nice to relive it again.......

My friend joined us in the room for a glass of pink spangly, her husband of 1 week had gone up to our house to see Derek and to have a curry, and I started to get very excited but was very aware that I needed to sleep LOL.

At about 11pm we decided to call it a night and at least try and get some sleep, I sent a text to Derek just to say goodnight and went to sleep eventually at about midnight............


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    Part 2

    I woke at 6am like a lark ready to become Mrs Natalie Emanuel, my daughter woke not long after I did and couldn't wait to give me the present that Derek had bought me. I read the beautiful card and cried for the first time that day, there were to be a few more occassions LOL He had bought me the most beautiful bracelet to match the celtic jewelry I was to wear that day and a gorgeous Guess watch which just went well with all of the jewelry, it was all so perfect! I so wanted to ring him and say a massive thank you and Love you but I remembered the time and realised that unlike me he was probably still fast asleep so I sent a text instead. Iam so glad that I took that option as he didn't wake until 9ish and I wanted the ceremony to be the first time I heard his voice that day!

    After receiving the present, I gave Rhiannon (my daughter) her present from me, a pair of diamond heart earrings. She loved them and was so pleased to be the owner of real diamonds at 13 LOL

    The 3 of us went down to breakfast and I did manage to have poached egg on toast with mushrooms, thought better of the baked beans LOL though I drank about 4 cups of tea. After breakfast I sat in the bar area of the hotel waiting for my cake to be delivered, I had discussed it at length with the lady making it but hadn't seen the finshed piece so I was very excited about getting the first glimpse. Glenda arrived with the cake at about 9.30am and when she showed it to me I cried (2nd time) sounds silly I know but it was so much prettier and impressive than I thought it would be, I was ecstatic. I had a little look in the reception room to see how they were getting on with laying up, the chair cover lady had been and the chairs looked amazing, it was all taking shape! I had also vowed to leave my control freak tendancies at home for that day and to just let them carry on, it paid off in the end! As I was to go back upstairs for the hairdresser, my flowers arrived, they were also far prettier and impressive than I had dared to imagine, again I cried (3rd time) I was so glad that I hadn't had my make up done yet LOL

    Time to go upstairs for hair and make up to be done, my hairdresser was already there doing my mum's hair and the other hairdresser had made a start on Rhiannon's curls. In the meantime the senior domestic expressed disgust at the room situation and endeavoured to get the bridal suite ready in double quick time so that we could dress in there. I take my hat off to her as she was fab and alls well that ends well on the room front!

    The bridal suite was heaven compared to the other room and I already felt more at ease and like a bride! We cracked open the bucks fizz and the butterflies let lose in my belly.

    My hairdresser started on my hair at 10.40am and the make up lady was due at 11am. My hair was done apart from the tiara by 11am but the make up lady was no where in sight. We received a call from her stating that she would be about 20 minutes late, which was acceptable. The 20minutes turned into an hour anda half and I was having my make up put on at 12.25 and getting married at 1.30pm. It might not seem too bad but I was meant to have put my dress on an hour before the wedding for it to settle on me. I was proud of my composure though and my refusal to get stressed about anything paid off, I only had 2 squirts of rescue remedy and a bit of pink spangly to get me through LOL.

    So my hair and make up was done, my dress was on, the bridesmaids were all dressed and looking fabulous, my mum looked amazing and it was nearly time to go downstairs.

    My brother was giving me away and on Derek's request was wearing the Spirit of Wales kilt, as were all the groomsmen. He arrived at the room and he looked brilliant I only nealry cried this time LOL It made me so proud to have him give me away . Part 3 to follow
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    Ohhh please keep going x
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    ok now for part 3, the footie is on so hubbie is transfixed and I am enjoying reminiscing.....

    So it is nearly 1.30 pm my mum and the bridesmaids have gone downstairs and are waiting in the reception room for me, they were to walk in accompanied by an usher each before my entrance, quite american but it worked really well! My brother came back upstairs to get me, he had by this time accompanied my mum into the ceremony room, he was so calm it was great, I gave him the gift that I had bought him then and he loved it. He really made me feel at ease by making me laugh when I needed it. We made our way downstairs greeted by the photographer for some pics and then the registrar, just making sure I was the right bride LOL at this point I felt like a princess and was quite serene really, not at all panicky as I thought I would be. The music we had chosen to walk into was the theme tune from The Thornbirds, very celtic and floaty and basically lovely. We had organised it so that the music would play for about 1 min 30secs before the bridesmaids walked in and then there was a about 1 minute of music again before I walked in with my brother. This had a fabulous effect on the guests they were all wondering where we were and it set the scene nicely for our celtic theme. Ok so the bridesmaids head off with the ushers and my brother and I are waiting for our signal to start walking when I spot the girls from work by the main entrance with cameras and looking very serene moment ended then, for some reason seeing them made me so nervous, heart racing, dry mouth the lot, I didn't hear the music playing I just walked to the top of the aisle hoping my legs would get me all the way LOL I did remember to smile though. I focused on Derek at the end of the aisle and he looked so smart in his kilt and was quite emotional when he saw me. That I liked alot as he is not an open man so it meant the world to see his emotions when it mattered. He grabbed my hand, kissed me on the cheek told me I looked amazing and said lets do this! The registrar did the usual introductions and read a lovely poem called 'If I can make you cry', very touching. By this point I could hear a sniffing from behind me, I turned quickly to see my daughter in tears, bless her, she had been so calm and cool that the build up of it all and walking in in front of all those people just got to her and she couldn't help herself, my mum was sat with her so I knew that she would be ok. She did manage to stop just before the end of the ceremony love her! Back to the vows Derek got a bit choked and very emotional saying his vows, I did have to hold back the tears a couple of times but kept my composure for Rhiannon's sake and Derek's as they seemed to be struggling LOL We had Enya The Celts playing while we signed the register and a little chuckle between ourselves about the view Derek ahd down my dress during the phots of us signing LOL

    So we had done it Mr and Mrs Emanuel at last, I never dreamt I could be so happy. Our walking out music was planned to surprise people, we had had quite slow music so far and the last song was quite a bit different......we are stood at the end of the aisle witing to walk out and it starts... Barry White, my first last and was fab we had a little bop and then walked out to the sound of laughter and clapping the happiest couple ever.
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    hope this works.

    just a few pics unofficial ones will continue with part 4 tomorrow.
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    hope this works, will finish story tomorrow.x
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    Cant see pics xxx
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    lovely report, cant see pics thou huni! congrats and all the best
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    Brilliant report!! Can't see pics though!!!

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    am hoping this one will work now or else will scream lol
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    lovely photos natalie. Your dress is stunning on you
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    U look gorgeous! I love the pic of the lads lol!xXx
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