Our wedding in Italy 06/05/08 - pics

Hope this link works - http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=25107&l=d8d4e&id=565502713

We got married in a village in Italy - for anyone considering getting married abroad I say DO IT! The weather was lovely and the food was great - what more could you want! Also on there are our pics from our honeymoon in the Maldives (I decided to leave out the ones of my really badly burnt bum - thanks for that formerly H2B!!!) These are our unofficial pics mainly taken by my dad but enjoy xx


  • LozSaundersLozSaunders Posts: 30
    wow! It looks amazing, your dress is gorgeous, everything about it looks perfect, wish we had decided to get married abroad! Congratulations.
  • bradowellsbradowells Posts: 694
    wow your dress is gorgeous -you look stunning and very happy! The views are amazing -i love italy and the food!! Seeing your pics has made me wish i'd considered getting married abroad! I can't wait to see the official photos if you put them on here too!!! xx
  • Thanks Lozzie - the only downside was that we couldn't invite everyone we wanted (although sometimes it's nice to have an excuse NOT to invite all the second cousins and friends-of-friends etc!!). I loved my dress however after finding how much it would be to get it cleaned I've gone off it a bit - after getting quotes in the region of £175 I was starting to panic until I found a dry cleaner 15 miles away who'll do it for £50 - phew!! xx
  • Thanks Bradowells I was very happy. I couldn't believe the day had finally come! My 'official' pics were taken by friend who is an art student so when she's finished with them I'll definitely add them as she took ones of the ceremony etc that I couldn't take myself! Some of the photos on facebook are from polaroids which I scanned in - that is one of my favourite things about the day - I took a polaroid camera so we had instant pictures available of us under the arch of flowers etc which was lovely. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone even if they did have a professional photographer x
  • claireclairedclaireclaired Posts: 233
    Hi Sarah, where did you get married? Im getting married in Siena on 18th July then going to the Maldives for honeymoon too!! Which Island did you go to? Your pics are fab, your dress is gorgeous.

  • Hi Claire I got married in Castellabate on the Cilento coast. Good luck with your wedding - I'm sure you'll have an amazing time. We stayed at Vilamendhoo in the Maldives...although it rained a bit (May-Oct is rainy season) this was mainly during the evening and when it wasn't raining it was absolutely glorious sunshine. As you can see from our pictures, all you had to do was step onto the beach to see all the tropical fish (and titchy sharks!!) so we spent a lot of time snorkelling. You will have an absolutely fabulous time! It's so romantic. The only bad thing that happened was that on the way back we were sitting in the middle of the plane - James was on the far right, then me, then a spare seat and then this guy. I put my feet up because I wanted to stretch out (dependning on whether you fly via Sri Lanka or not it's at least a 10 hr flight!) and I realised after a while that the guy was rubbing my feet and looking at me. YUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKKKKKK it was so gross! That was only bad/weird thing that happened and unfortunately you can't take anything sharp on to planes any more so I just gave him a really evil look and clung on to James for the next 10 hours lol!! xx
  • LozSaundersLozSaunders Posts: 30
    I can agree, I think its a blessing not having to invite everyone....I am having this issue at the moment, and was secretly hoping that family that live in the states might not be able to make it, but they are ALL coming...eeek! It will be fab to see them all, but also extremely expensive.

    I think you made a fantastic choice with Italy, it just looks amazing.

    Glad you found a reasonable dry cleaners, my sister owns a dry cleaners so if you hadn't I would have suggested bringing it to her...although that really depends on where you are based, we are in Luton. £50 sounds like a deal though, it amazes me that dry cleaners can charge such crazy prices for cleaning wedding dresses, after all teh money you spend out on your wedding its the last thing you need.

  • GinaKilbeyGinaKilbey Posts: 1,121
    Stunning location and you looked really beautiful!!

  • I live in Warwickshire but found a decent one in Daventry - the lady said she had been doing it for 40 years and had never charged over £85 (still a bargain when compared to £175!). She said her best friend got married in the same dress and she cleaned so I know she won't wreck it. The only reason I want it cleaned is because we're having a do next week for everyone who we couldn't invite and they all want to see it again. After wandering round the streets between where we got married and the square where we had drinks and nibbles it's got pretty dirty! Good luck with your wedding Loz.

    Cheers DublinG xx
  • julie444ukjulie444uk Posts: 2,129
    Stunning location, stunning photos and stunning bride, you look amazing, i really like your dress. Congratulations and all the best
  • fandannifandanni Posts: 737
    Wow! What a beautiful wedding and honeymoon. You look stunning.xXx
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