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Candleabra's - Anyone want to sell them after the wedding

rle106rle106 Posts: 23
I am marrying in October 2008 (4th) have brought it forward by one year due to illness in the wedding party.

All very manic as only just booked venue on Sunday and only 4 months to go, hopefully, 4 months is not too long.

Anyway, 12 months less savings mean costs have to be reduced and I just wondered whether anyone would like to sell their Candleabra's or fishbowls/ Mirrors after the wedding? It seems so silly for them to be used once and then forgotten.

All the best



  • MrsStarkins2bMrsStarkins2b Posts: 119
    Hi rle106

    I'm hiring seven candelabras at £15 each, maybe you should try and get some quotes for hiring it could be cheaper than buying and also you can give them back aswell!

    MrsStarkins2b x
  • rle106rle106 Posts: 23
    Thanks Mrs Starkin 2b I will try that idea but I live in quite rural area so sometimes difficult to hire items.

    Where are you hiring yours from?
  • BARNSLEYukBARNSLEYuk Posts: 604

    I am having candleabras in cream with crystal sparkly bits from next. I get married in August, where are you and what colours are you looking for? I may want to sell mine after.
  • rle106rle106 Posts: 23
    Hi Barnsley

    Yes, I would be looking for cream ones. My external email is [email protected] if you would like to send me a picture or link to them. How many will you be having and will you be putting anything on them - i have seem some with pearls draped over them which looks nice in the pictures anyway!

    Not long for you now - you must be feeling very excited


  • BARNSLEYukBARNSLEYuk Posts: 604

    I have 10 candleabras and they already have like a crystal type drops draped over them. They are cast iron, and from Next. This may be an issue for you with postage, but where I work they send package regularly so I could get prices for you. Where are you based again?

    I dont have a pic of them at the moment, but I will try and sort for you. I will get measurements for you.

  • rle106rle106 Posts: 23
    I live in Suffolk, how far away are we - I am no good at geography?

    If you could find out about prices, sizes and a picture that would be great. I think i will need 9 - 10 so that is perfect too
  • BARNSLEYukBARNSLEYuk Posts: 604
    Unfortunately I am miles and miles away. Barnsley is South Yorkshire!! I will try and get a pic and measurements for you and find out how much it would cost for delivery. I will email on the address you gave me asap.
  • loweellieloweellie Posts: 1,196
    i also have two to sell, these are massive about 7ft tall. and very intircate, they r cream wrought iron. i am having them either side of top table. we r not having anything except maybe a v. small bit of ivy maybe on ours as it would be shame to hide them as they have lovely twists and turns. i get married 9th Aug. I have matching mini ones with crystals hanging off for the tables (i have long tables of 10 and r putting 2 one each table either side of some flowers). have total of 26 of them.

    i spent a lot on my candlabras but we r happy to sell on cheap, after all what r we gonna do with them. the tables one r single stem. i can post some pics on this thread at weekend. also have all my other table decorations, shabby chic cream jugs (13-15 of these), fairly lights etc. i meant to send a bride on here detials about these recently but been mega busy with hen do prep. which was last weekend. x
  • loweellieloweellie Posts: 1,196
    ps i live in east yorkshire. think whoever bought would have to pick up. they all fit in car together, as we bought it all together. candlerabs need to be have pasenger seat down and go from boot to seat, i sat in the back at other side.

    i also have 15 wrought iron flower stands. i really do have phenomenal amoutn fo stuff, so maybe could post few picces, if peeps interested. x
  • BARNSLEYukBARNSLEYuk Posts: 604
    Origin 79

    I could be interested in your large ones, if you can post pics.

    Im in South Yorks, so depending where in East Yorks, I could pic them up.

    I get married 23 Aug though so that could be a problem.
  • loweellieloweellie Posts: 1,196
    i live in hull, not sure how far that is but we r 1hr20 from leeds.

    we go on honeymoon on 14th aug v. early in morning but u would be welcome if u wanted them to pick them up on mon. 11th in the eve or during the day as would both be home. obviosuly will send u detialed pics, i will post some good pics on this thread this weekend. as h2b will have to help me. x
  • rle106rle106 Posts: 23
    Sounds great, my email address is above if you prefer to send direct

    When is your wedding? Does sound like you have a lot of bulky stuff - I dont know where you are putting it all - my mum's spare room is already choc a bloc and I have hardly even begun. Hope hen do was fab.

    Not sure how far East York is from me but i would think quite far, however, I can cross that hurdle when it comes to it!
  • loweellieloweellie Posts: 1,196
    i suppose u would just have to see how much u like stuff, when i post pics at weekedn and then if the money saving worth a trip. we travlled to brimigham jewl. quarter for our rings which is 3hrs away but we saved £400 on the rings as they r so much cheaper there than highstreet, which by the way that place is amazing, so much to choose from and so much cheaper than anywhere else. x

    ps we got converted loft space we dont use, so it's come in handy! we decorating venue ourselves so yeah got a fair bit, dread to think what we spent but been buying it bit by bit for last year and half but we get to see the look of it all again and again on wedding photos ha!
  • loweellieloweellie Posts: 1,196
    sorry wedding 9th august
  • rle106rle106 Posts: 23
    I'm getting married in October so plenty of time to collect and organise bits for tables. Look forward to seeing your prictures x
  • loweellieloweellie Posts: 1,196

    just to let you know i will posting pictures of my stuff up on sunday, we need sat. to clear out back bedroom. everything needs to come down from loft anyway, ready for the wedding . aim to get pics up sunday eve. xxx
  • rachclairerachclaire Posts: 261

    I'm 2010 bride and looking at having candelabras on the tables etc.

    I've been looking at the tall silver ones though.

    If anyone has any of these available to buy can you let me know please.

    We'll need about 8 Table one's and 2 tall standing ones possibly 4 tall standing ones.

    Your a star if you have!!!!

  • loweellieloweellie Posts: 1,196
    here are my pcitures. not of all the stuff, as we haven't managed to bring it all down today, so got most imp. bits up first.

    Floor Candelabras x2 - shown without candles, the candles we r using make them just under 7ft tall. my h2b in the a photo to show their height. he is about 6ft1

    Flower stands with cream enamel flower pails x 16 - we are having the flowerstands completly covered in ivy, it looks amazing when done and the ivy wraps around the pail in the area between the pail and stand completely covering it.

    Enamel flower jugs x 13

    Cream candelsticks x 26, can be used with tall candles or tealights, these match the candleabras and we are putting 2 on each table.

    tealight holders, in vase shape x 40

    table butterlfies x 80 little and lovely look great along table with rose petals.

    little lanterns x 6 ( we got these for the toilets, as the candle can be left unattended. look lovely with rose petals and pearls strewn around them).

    50ml cork topped bottles x 130 (these will be tottally unused. they look great as favours with alcohol and little white lugage labels on for the name tags).

    items not posted yet, fairy light screens that stand up on their own and sit behind top table etc., strings of connectable cream wired fairy lights. and loads of other little bits and bobs.


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  • claire101183claire101183 Posts: 319
    I live in west sussex so a long way away from you. Could I ask though where you got the two cream large candleabras from and how much they cost?
  • loweellieloweellie Posts: 1,196
    we got them thorugh a trade account (bridemaid mum found, she is lanscape gardner). thye were £80 for candlarbra, u could try local florists maybe able to get u something or hire u in, as thye all use same sort companies. or try ebay, reckon loads of poeple must sell thse off after their weddings. i love mine but no way i could keep them x

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