Any cures for laryngitis 7 days before the wedding HELP

I have now caught some bug and lost my voice 7 days before the wedding anyone got any suggestions - i have antibiotics but all I do is sqeek!!!! It could only happen to meimage


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    Dont even try to talk. I got laryngitis 10 days before our wedding - not good when I had a new member of staff to train image

    Your best bet is to drink plenty of fluids, write anything you want to say down and do NOT talk. you have to rest you voice to get it back fully for the wedding. My voice returned after about 5 days, but it was croaky at times after that for about a week.
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    Thanks i really appreciated your reply - i thought it could only happy to me how was ur big day x
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    dont mean to sound patronising witht his, but i was told by nurse to start gargling constsntly with salt water. it's so old hat it gets forgotten but it really helps, often i feel more than antibiotics. i have mixed salt walt (strong) in water bottle then carried a dark sports bottle around with me, and gargled with salt water than spat back into dark bottle (so noone can see). sorry it sounds gross but it works and if you keep doing it frqeuntly through day i always notice massive diffrence quite quickly. yep and rest your voice. big hugs, xxx
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    Thanks i will try anything right now - thanks for hugs i was chilled up until this lol gross but if it works who cares xxx how was ur day

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    Hi there,

    hot water with honey and lemon helps to rehydrate your vocal chords. the honey acts as a natural anti-inflammatory and the lemon like anti-septic.

    It tastes pleasant and hopefully will help when partnered with the above and antibioticS!

    If the infection is in your tonsils, then apple juice apparently works too!

    Good luck, and no matter what, have a GREAT day!!


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    my wedding still to come in aug, but i saw this and had to respond. hope it gets better. i'm sure it will 7 days is not long in'wedding' terms but in virus terms it is long enough to completely turn it around. xxx
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