My York, Purple Dress, Veggie wedding report 19th April 2008

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MrsJuice (formally Juice77)'s wedding report

Apologies for it being so long - I wanted to say everything so I had a record so please feel free to skim it!!

Here are some of the official photos - I'll get round to adding more unofficial ones eventually!

and a link to our wedding website

Before the wedding

I finished work on the Wednesday and received a card featuring Spider Pig from the Simpsons - my friend had made it as we're always on about spider pig so it was a bit of an in joke, and a promise of a present from our gift list (very generous - a heater & lamp were bought the week after).

I was nervous at that point as I said bye and thanks to my colleagues - it felt great walking away from the office knowing I had a month off!

I got home and packed a bit for honeymoon before setting off quite late and didn't get up to York until about 1am - we were knackered but glad we had got there ok and hadn't forgotten anything that we could think of....

2 days before

On the Thursday, we had a lie in and woke to my sister, Debbie arriving from Leeds with our cup cake and drinks delivery. We had ordered drinks to go with Ikea biscuits at the ceremony venue (The Hospitium) and we'd bought Waitrose cupcakes as a last minute thing after my friend couldn't make our cake any more. There were so many cakes - few were a bit squashed but that was fine, they could go at the back. The only problem was they looked so delicious it was hard not to have a sneaky taste!

That day was just finishing things off. I was really excitable - we'd got some nice presents for my family for helping (Mike's mum did virtually nothing so we thought we wouldn't give out presents at the meal as it's something I'm not keen on doing and you invariably end up upsetting someone). So I was jumping up and down trying to get my family into one room shouting 'present time present time who wants present time?' and they were all telling me to shut up and calm down! Anyway, I made them go into the living room and we gave them their presents. We'd bought a night at Champneys for my mum and Debbie (mum and I had been a couple of years ago when I won a competition and she loved it) and I'd got a signed picture from my dad's favourite movie - The Wild Bunch which I'd found in a shop opposite work the week before. They cost a lot but they were SOOO happy with them and decided that 'present time' wasn't so bad after all. In fact they wanted it again but unfortunately it could only happen once.

Then, my mum, Debbie, Mike and me made all the favours (spurred on by present time they were more willing to help!). We'd bought little Ikea jars and filled them with love hearts, fizzers, flying saucers, fox's glacier fruits, double lolllies and chocolates. We made name tags with a nickname for everyone on the reverse side. They were such a hit that even some of the top table ones were -taken' - I'd love to know who took so many but at least it goes to show that with a little imagination you can do cheap, popular favours (they only cost about £1 each).

Mike and I then sorted out the table decorations - we split up all the glass beads into bags so that the venue could just put them into the vases and onto the mirrors as we wanted them. We got everything sorted out for the venues the next day.

Then I asked Mike if he'd got the walking in music sorted. Yes he said (he'd spent ages the other day doing it). So I asked if we could try it on our cd player just to make sure it worked and it wasn't what I expected - it was music for when the guests were arriving not me walking in!! I was SOOOO angry!! Luckily, we'd brought 3 out of the 4 cds we needed (me walking in, 2 for signing register and us walking out) and he went onto itunes and bought the last one and burnt it onto a cd which luckily we found in my dad's recording studio (he has a couple of rooms where bands practice and a sort of studio where someone had luckily left some cds). So phew - that was sorted! But how stupid of Mike - he hadn't thought that I was on about ME walking in, just the guests!!

Day Before

Friday was a bit more manic. We had to go to our reception venue (Sandburn Hall) in the morning to drop stuff off. I'd labelled everything and went through everything with Sarah, the wedding coordinator who didn't seem at all phased! We seemed to have dropped off tonnes of boxes and bags and various things and I was slightly worried she'd get all confused.

We had a quick lunch and then me, mum, Debbie & Mike went out to the Hospitium where we were having our ceremony. My stomach at this point had decided to play up so I wasn't feeling great. I also learnt later that my sister was feeling horrible to what would turn out to be a really bad case of bronchitis but hadn't said anything as she didn't want to worry us.

We met the Gary the coordinator there - first time I met him but my mum knew him and he was so nice and laid back. We laid out the seats so all the guests could see behind the pillars, sorted out the table, drinks and biscuits. They'd left the fairy lights up which we were also pleased about as they usually charge but he let us get away with it and it was nice on the day to have them there curled round the pillars. Claire my other bridesmaid joined us at that point too. We were pleased to find out would park two cars outside as it'd been a worry of mine that the 2nd car may not be able to park in the usually busy carpark nearby.

Then, the four of us girls went to have our manicure and pedicures which was nice and relaxing as we got some bubbly too. It took over 2 hours which was a lot longer than I'd expected but it was so nice chatting to the girls and getting pampered for a while. At this point I was starting to calm down luckily - I think as everything was done and sorted that I'd been worried about.

We went back home and had some food then my uni friend Donna and her boyfriend came to pick up Mike as they were staying in the same hotel. We gave them our slr camera and new camcorder to use - they were really pleased that we trusted them with them! It was nice to have a chat to them as on the day I didn't get much of a chance.

I said bye to Mike which felt really weird but I wasn't too sad to see him go as my friend Emily then arrived to give me a massage! It was so relaxing - she made me feel so calm and also did a bit of Reiki. She said I didn't feel tense (I wasn't!) and it really made me feel good and was lovely to see her for a bit too - she is one of my eldest friends and now has a child so I don't get to see her very often and I'd been very involved in her wedding so it was nice she could be involved in mine.

My mum, Debbie and I then we got the dresses out and sorted out what to put in our bags (mum had managed to find one that matched my dress the weekend before) and went through everything to make sure we'd not forgotten anything. Which we didn't seem to have!

I swapped rooms with Debbie and her boyfriend to my childhood one and it was nice to sleep in my old room! Some of my old stars that glow are still on the ceiling which brought back memories. I got a surprisingly good night's sleep - over 6 hours I think - partly due to my massage, the essential oils Emily had left me and partly as I think by this point I knew there was nothing more I could do about anything.


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    Our wedding day - 19th April 2008

    I was woken by my dad going to the loo at 6.30 - I'd probably have slept even longer if I could.

    I managed half a bowl of porridge for breakfast and my stomach wasn't behaving much so I took a few tablets which luckily sorted me out for a lot of the day.

    I was showered by the time my makeup lady arrived at 9.15, followed by my now sister in law and her boyfriend to do our hair -luckily for me they're both hairdressers.

    My sister in law started my hair while the others got their makeup done. Her boyfriend did the bridesmaids' and my mum's hair - they were having blow dries whereas mine was in a Grace Kelly style bun which was a lot more complicated - it involved a donut type thing and lots and lots of pins which me and Mike had fun trying to get out later!

    For some reason I felt really relaxed - I'd had a stressful year planning the wedding and suffered from anxiety and for some reason it had all gone. Everyone commented on how they didn't expect me to be like that.

    Our photographer arrived soon after, followed by Claire (who I've known since I was 4 and only lives a mile away).

    The flowers came at 10.15 - they were wonderful! Loads of purples and pinks - mainly orchids and roses to compliment the colour of my dress. My bouquet was a shower one and I had ordered 2 posies for my bridesmaids, plus one top 'long and low' table arrangement and a few buttonholes. Not too many but I was so pleased with what I saw. She took Debbie's boyfriend into town to help her drop off the long and low - he'd been such a good help all morning - getting the door, drinks and generally helping out and I think he was quite glad to escape from such a girly house! My dad had been getting ready and practicing his speech - quite sensibly keeping out of the way.

    My hair took ages to be done but it was worth it. As I saw my makeup being done I saw it all falling into place - I was so glad I'd gone for the style I had and had had a makeup trial - I think one of the reasons I was so calm was because I knew what I was going to look like and was with people I trusted and who relaxed me.

    I can honestly say that the morning went so quickly. I wasn't dressed when my 2 uncles arrived in their Jaguars to pick us up. They were slightly early and for some reason I thought I still had time to have something to drink (my uncle thought it was hilarious that I asked for a bevy just before we left - I was refused one rightly by my mum!). I then realized I didn't have time to eat much else (I'd nibbled on a banana a bit earlier) but I really wasn't too hungry, just eager to set off.

    The photographer took a few photos of me and the bridesmaids getting dressed then rushed off to the venue so she was there for when we arrived. My uncles took a few of us all before we set off. My bridesmaids were going to go first with us 5 minutes behind but I just wanted to get going at that point. My aunt had put ivory ribbons on the cars and flowers in the back of them - they looked great. It was so nice having my uncle drive us - he, my dad and me chatted all the way and I found it so much more relaxing than having a stranger do it.

    We got a bit stuck in the Saturday York traffic so I was glad we'd set off a bit early. We drove up to the venue to see a couple of my friends running in late, then Mike's family running over the hill! I haven't found out why they were late but as Mike's mum was signing the register as a witness, Mike had started to get a bit panicky.

    The photographer and another friend of mine who was also doing photography for us took photos of us getting out of the car. I noticed some of my friend's parents watching which was nice - they looked freezing though! I went into The Hospitium and was told what would go on in the service and was asked a few questions. I decided I really needed the loo at that point - no idea why as I'd hardly drunk anything all morning! The registrar quite rudely said 'we're running late so unless you're really quick you can't go' and my mum just grabbed me and said to ignore her and I went up in the lift to the disabled loo upstairs (very gracefully had to go backwards!). At this point it was about 1.05 and the ceremony was booked at 1 (the clock had struck as we were arriving) so I was slightly annoyed with the registrar. Aren't brides meant to be late?!

    My bridesmaids got back in the lift with me on the way down and Debbie stood on part of my dress and it snapped off! My poor mum had to find a safety pin and pin it back on in record quick time. All through the day people stood on my dress but miraculously I didn't lose that many pieces though the dress is a little worse for wear now with a few holes in it and it's quite dirty!

    I went to the back of the room behind the ceremony room (there was glass in between so I'm sure nearly everyone could see me going up and down in the lift!). As soon as I heard my song - 'Kissing You by Des'ree', we started walking in. My dad went a bit fast so I told him to slow down - looking back on the video I look a bit uncouth in my dress - I was having to sort of do a Fawlty Towers walk so I didn't stand on the front of it. My bridesmaids walked behind me and I've now seen a video where Claire looks really anxious as to where she's going to sit. We were quite laid back about all that so everyone was a bit muddled up at the front!

    I started to well up just before entering the room - the music is so emotional and I'd been so calm and I thought 'here goes I'm going to cry my eyes out'. Luckily, they'd only opened one door (I still don't know why!) and my dad had to sort of sidestep / jump round my dress so as not to stand on it and that made me relax as I giggled and from then on I coped fine.

    It was quite hard to walk with the big dress, flowers in one hand and my dad on the other. I saw my Nana in her wheelchair as I went down the aisle but not many other people except Mike who was smiling at me. My dad passed me over and I grabbed Mike's hand - I think it was at this point he whispered to me that I looked beautiful which also relaxed me as he'd been teasing me about having a big pink fluffy dress and there I was in a big purple fluffy dress with pink in it!

    The service went quickly but I loved it. Firstly there was the introduction then the first set of vows - we'd opted for the more modern version- just replying 'I will' to the question 'do you take' for instance. I think it was then where Debbie read her reading - Pam Ayres - I Do. She got one of the words wrong which made everyone laugh - she'd been worried about it but it didn't matter at all - just made the ceremony more relaxed.

    We exchanged rings (somehow a ring cushion was produced - I presume by the registrar) and Mike struggled getting mine on which I think's quite normal. We read the vows we'd written and I had to prod Mike to say the 2nd line. Unfortunately we hadn't realised we were meant to learn them - noone told me and another friend had said they'd been handed them on paper. The registrar tore that bit out and gave them to us which is where the confusion lay as we both had the same line to say.

    My uncle then read Us Two by AA Milne - it got a few laughs and smiles which was nice and he did a great introduction, I think in case the word Pooh was mis-interpreted!

    What was a nice touch was that after the 2 readings there was a round of applause which I don't think I've ever known before at a wedding.

    For the last part of the vows we had to face each other and I couldn't stop grinning as I noticed that Mike's top button was typically undone. I wanted to do it up but thought better of it! When they announced us man and wife and we kissed, there was more clapping and I think even cheers!

    Our mums both signed the register and just me and Mike had a few photos taken at that point - I started to feel like the paparazzi - we only had 80 guests and the service felt quite intimate but once everyone stood up, it felt a lot more intimidating!

    All throughout the ceremony I'd been grinning as my dress was causing a few problems - it wasn't the easiest to sit down in (I still had the hoop on at this point) and it always took me a few moments to rearrange it. I suppose throughout the day I had this hassle but it was worth it - I couldn't have worn a different dress - it was definitely the one for me!

    We walked out of the ceremony to -Happy Together' by The Turtles which was nice and uplifting. Again I struggled with my dress as it was so wide that Mike had to walk behind me at some points as he couldn't fit next to me!

    We went outside where it was freezing - for some reason I refused to wear the shawl that I'd bought but I didn't notice the cold as much as the guests, who in the lineup (just Mike and I did one) seemed to be more concerned about the cold than that we'd just got married! One thing I regret is not keeping everyone outside so we could have a photo of everyone together, but I sort of felt I'd have got hit if I'd suggested it!! The lineup was nice - at least having one I got to speak to everyone and say a few words. Chris's Joy then came up and had a few words which was lovely - I was sort of taken by surprise as in my weird frame of mind I'd forgotten she said she'd come down! The first YAYW bride I've met J (sorry Joy if it wasn't at this point but I think it was- in fact one of my friends has just sent a short video of me and you talking!)

    Our guests cheered up when they found we'd provided some soft drinks, biscuits and sweets back inside the Hospitium. Mike and I had a few photos taken outside with the photographers before going back inside for a well needed glass of champagne. We chatted to a few friends, one of whom reminded me of a confetti shot which we'd all totally forgotten about! So we quickly had some confetti thrown over us (unfortunately forgot to use our expensive rose petal ones) - my cheeky aunt shoved tones and tones of it down my top and throughout the day I kept finding more and more and dropping it wherever I went.

    Time had gone so quickly so we told everyone to make their own way, or get on our bus to Sandburn Hall. We said bye to the 2 coordinators at the Hospitium who had been fantastic, and Mike and I got into my uncle's Jag. Immediately I decided I needed the loo! The dress was quite heavy and resting on my bladder, so luckily we could stop off at my uncle's house mid way - their house is huge and had a big bathroom luckily. I left a trail of confetti all the way throughout the house which I hoped my aunt would find amusing later on. I'm glad I stopped there though as I knew as soon as I got to Sandburn I'd be mobbed!

    We arrived at Sandburn to a red carpet welcome and a glass of champagne by Sarah the coordinator. It was then I noticed the videographers - I hadn't noticed them at all really during the ceremony - they were so subtle so I'm hoping we get a great video back. We entered the marquee where everyone was drinking and chatting and managed to chat to a few more guests and drink some more champagne.

    Then we had a few photos outside with our families amongst some nice trellis that we found - I made the lads hang off it and we tried to get a few unusual angles for some of the photos. We were then hurried back inside as the food was about to be served and we were late (the story of the day - it went so quickly and we always seemed to be running out of time!)

    We were announced into the room as Mr and Mrs R to cheers and clapping again. It was funny as I struggled to get between seats in my dress yet again - but we were both grinning and it was a nice moment. Mike's nephew (his 2 nephews were the only children there) then piped up -Michael I have chocolate' which everyone found really cute (he was referring to the favours). We had our starter, tomato and mozzarella bruscetta and I had the first look around the room properly. I think at that point I started to feel a bit weird - I'd hardly eaten all day, had at least 3 glasses of champagne and one glass of water and think I was just a bit overwhelmed, especially looking out over the room full of all our friends and family chatting away and getting to know each other - a strange but wonderful feeling. Luckily I didn't feel ill for long and I felt better after I'd escaped for a few minutes to the loo with my mum.

    The nicknames went down really well - everyone commented on them all day and even in the guest book I think it was little touches like this that people appreciated.

    I hardly ate anything of the hot buffet - all the food was gorgeous and vegetarian and I was so glad we'd had the opportunity to have a taste test so at least I had got to try it all! I ate nearly all of the Dessert - Bailey's Chocolate Pudding - this went down really well though we hadn't realized that the kids wouldn't be allowed it and they looked so upset!

    The speeches were great - there were no slushy moments or long boring bits. My dad talked about me and money - my ebay experience, selling some fruit pastilles onto my Debbie for a penny profit, making him buy a Stones record for £1.20 which ended up being worth £120, and of course me being a blonde. I also joined in a bit in his (and Mike's) speech which made it more laid back.

    Mike's speech was hilarious - he told his penguin joke though which really isn't funny - though that's the whole point I think! He just mentioned how we met, how nice I looked and called the bridesmaids by their nicknames which I think confused a few people. Poor Debbie got people coming up to her all day asking why she was called -Sty'! (long story). He referred to me as -the wifey' and -ball and chain' which I thought was a nice touch (obviously tongue in cheek!) Oh and he also amongst his thanks mentioned my -online friends for keeping her quiet'!

    The best man had put together a hilarious collection of photos in a -do not open' envelope on each table, and obviously everyone was dying to open them. Well if I'm honest I had sent him loads of embarrassing ones of Mike over the years, including of when we first met at uni and we thought he was a red Indian as his hair was so long, when he dressed as Nemo for a fancy dress party and other awful photos. It went down really well - there was laughter for ages and we are still getting comments about it now!

    Then I decided to say a few words. I hadn't prepared anything but didn't want to just sit there saying nothing. I told everyone that I hadn't gone out with Mike in his red Indian phase, or a few of the others which caused a few laughs, I thanked everyone for coming and my friends for helping with my hair and dress, and told everyone that I expected them on the dancefloor later. I do sort of regret not mentioning Mike but he's not bothered and was pleased that I said anything at all. For some reason I had no nerves at all at that point - I think if I'd prepared something I'd have been really nervous!

    Our venue was set in a golf course and it has a nice wooden bridge over a lake which you can see from where the top table were sitting. At this point it was getting dark so we went outside to try to get a few more shots in before the light went. Our photographer had an idea for a photo which I didn't understand at the time but is my favourite shot - I had to stand facing Mike, sideways to the camera (he stood facing it) and with the wind taking my dress and with my flowers slightly behind me so it looked like I was being swept away. Hard to explain but it's just so different and the type of shot we were after. I must point out at this point that I was FREEZING. We were lucky that it didn't rain all day but the cold was almost unbearable.

    We had a few shots on the bridge, of which one of my friend's was great - he'd got another friend to hold his flash up and the effects are really unusual and the shots are so well lit and atmospheric. I looked back at the hall and noticed loads of our guests staring and taking photos of us - I think they thought we were mad!

    During the meal I'd taken a closer look at the cake toppers which a friend had made us. She couldn't make the wedding and was meant to make the cake but couldn't in the end but still made us the toppers. They were fantastic - she'd made a mini me complete with blonde hair and purple dress, a fat Mike with rosy cheeks (his request), a couple of suitcases to fit in with the travel theme, and the best bit - Pootle (the cutest Flump)! Honestly, I was so chuffed that she'd put him in there - it was just so -us' (well maybe more me if I'm honest). The cupcakes looked fantastic - everyone commented on them (not bad for Waitrose ones) and there was one on top behind the toppers with indoor sparklers on. Luckily, the venue had a spare cupcake stand as the one we'd bought on ebay apparently didn't fit together - I still need to check this out and ask for a refund.

    We had our -cutting the cake' photo. We'd asked for the biggest knife they had to conflict with the small cupcakes. We lit the sparklers though they didn't last long - and then I got Mike on the floor and pretended to stab him with the knife. I have no idea why but the photos are quite funny! (hopefully you can see it!)

    My friend Donna was in charge of our guest book - we had got some silver Polaroids and she took photos of everyone and got them to sign the book. The result was fantastic - everyone wrote kind or drunk things, though somehow Debbie managed not to write anything -apparently she was too busy dancing! I'm so glad we used the Polaroids - a pure text album would have been much less amusing.

    We waited a while before the first dance came on as the band had to set up. We had a band who specializes in 60s music, plus the disco who used to play at my school for nostalgia value. Annoyingly the dj introduced our first dance as -Celine Dion with a twist' which sort of gave the surprise away. We danced slightly over the top-ly to the (what I think is a) terrible song for about 30 seconds before -Love Shack' kicked in. Debbie said that a lot of people were going -ooh' and -ah' when we were dancing and she was trying to say -no it's a pisstake' but noone was listening! Anyway, as soon as Love Shack kicked in the dancefloor got going - we made the bridesmaids and parents join us and then everyone else joined in and it stayed like that until the last dance at 1 - there was never an empty dancefloor which was great - I new I could rely on everyone!

    Slightly annoyingly, Mike's family went early - his sister, the kids (fair enough) and his mum went around 8-9ish. We'd hoped that his mum at least would stay longer. Luckily his sister's partner and Mike's twin sister (who has learning difficulties and loves dancing) were able to stay til nearly the end which was good as I have a huge family so I had felt a bit guilty about hardly any of his being there!

    I also said bye to my Grannie who had had hardly any sleep the night before. I was glad I caught her as my great aunt who is like another Grannie to me, had slipped away earlier. My Nana who is the eldest of the three and in a wheelchair stayed until 10 - she loved it! One of my friends had been charming her and she was trying to make him leave his wife for her, and she loved watching everyone dance.

    The band were really popular which was fantastic as I'd had major problems with my dad - it was the fourth band he'd booked - the last being a heavy metal band! They even got an encore which I was relieved about.

    The evening buffet seemed a hit - I hardly ate any of it as I was so busy dancing / talking, but we'd got veggie pizzas, curly fries, veggie dim sum, crisps and so on. Good nibble / comfort food.

    We had some excellent dancing to the disco- my male friends breakdanced (broadly speaking -tried to') to PJ and Duncan and Vanilla Ice, we had a girls vs boys dance off initiated by me to Christina Aguilera -Dirty' which of course the girls won, all sat down to James -Sit Down, had various lines and other danceoffs going on and had -I've had the Time of my life' as the last dance where Mike and I attempted and failed to do the lift several times.

    We then remembered the sparklers which were nearly all gone by the time we got outside - some of my uncles nearly set fire to the place by lighting them indoors! Everyone who was left by then really enjoyed them - all I remember saying was -it smells like bonfire night' and trying to say -bye' to everyone who was left before getting into the car. My friend's mum had kindly said she'd drive us to our hotel and the car was decorated with balloons, ribbons and a -just married' sign - such a nice touch! We had to stop after a while as one of the balloons was making such a horrendous noise.

    We were knackered by the time we got to the hotel - there was a bathtub and walk in shower which we used in the morning, but we just stayed up and chatted for ages about everything - regretting not talking to certain people, amused at some things people had told us that we didn't necessarily want to know, and just realizing we'd finally got married! Mike gave me my present which was a Mrs R t-shirt - I couldn't believe it and went to my case to get out the one I'd got done to surprise him! I'm now the proud owner of two t-shirts bearing what I think will be my new name - at least they're both very different styles.

    A few other things

    A few things went wrong which I won't mention here such as a friend not turning up & people saying the most bizarre or irrelevant things to me.

    I can honestly say it was the best day of my life though. I'm still smiling when I see the photos and as we've only seen my immediate family since, we've still got loads of friends & family to see and discuss the day with. We also have to sort out our photos, see our video and do our thank the excitement continues for now!x

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  • msmuffinamsmuffina Posts: 440
    ahhhh you look so gorgeous in your pics. My two year old daughter said ''mummmeeeeeeeee! Look at that beautiful lady! You have to grow your hair like that!''

    How did you make the wedding website? (sorry if it already says in here - I skim-read as I am supposed to be getting my girls' lunch!)
  • mrsj36mrsj36 Posts: 2,340
    aw that's so cute mrsmuffina!!

    it was done in flash - my boyfriend's a flash coder and i'm a web designer so we wanted something a bit 'different'!x
  • laura217uklaura217uk Posts: 745
    wow.. what a fab day, and I love the photos!

    Sounds like you had such a wonderful day...

    Aw.. I want to get married now (rather than wait until next February!)

    Laura x
  • ChrissjoyChrissjoy Posts: 896
    Oh, Lucy, I've been waiting for this! It's an amazing report.

    Ooh, can you email me the video of us talking? I was trying to describe your dress to Chris and he couldn't picture it. You looked so beautiful, but I did feel a bit shy and guilty for gatecrashing!

    Incidentally, Celine (Celery) is quite keen on gatecrashing my ceremony I think, and I mentioned it to Chris and he thinks it's a fabulous idea. I'll understand if it doesn't work out, but it would be lovely to see you both.

    I'm going to print out your report and take it home so I can read it again slowly!

    Joy xx
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    A wonderful report! Your photos are beautiful!

  • mrsj36mrsj36 Posts: 2,340
    Joy - I'll find it and send it to you or let you download it - I have a feeling it's quite large! It's taken from above on the steps.

    If I'm able to make it to York of course I'll come and see you - I bet you can't wait now - it's so close!!!x
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    I have been waiting for that report for nearly a month now!!!! and I am not disappointed.

    I laughed at the "present time", because I am like that at Christmas.

    You look stunning Lucy, really and it's nice to see it all together after hearing about it, the dress with the flowers (gorgeous, it must have smell divine??), you hairstyle with your jewellery, it's all working so well. Well done! I am glad you felt relaxed and physically well.

    The goosebumps close-up of your arms, made me laugh, sorry, but you must have been freezing outside, how brave of you to do all those shots!

    I can't access your website or facebook at work, it will have to wait until I am home.

    What about the report of the honeymoon??? want to hear all about it...

    Congratulations to both of you, a lifetime of hapiness, health and love for you two.


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    Thanks Celine! Yes I was sooooo cold but determined to make the most of being able to go outside! I should add you as a friend on facebook as then you can see even more. The flowers were gorgeous - Joy's using the same florist so I hope hers are as nice.

    God, a honeymoon report would take years! Maybe a honeymoon photobook would be easier! x

  • CeleryukCeleryuk Posts: 3,640
    alright then a honeymoon photobook will be okay! image

    You must be so happy with the pics they are gorgeous, worthwhile the effort, I suppose.

  • mrsj36mrsj36 Posts: 2,340
    I'll try to get one done!

    Yes I am - we wanted something a bit different and got it. As we're both quite 'arty' I suppose we didn't want just the standard shots, though we have those as well and they're great too.

  • CeleryukCeleryuk Posts: 3,640
    I see exactly what you mean! Though standard shots are good for the family and elderly people, they tend to prefer those ones.

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    Lucy!! hello wedding buddy!

    I've just read your report from beginning to end and it was wonderful. It sounds like you had the most fantastic day. You looked absolutely stunning! I love the photo of you taken at the ceremony. Gorgeous girl!!

    Lets catch up about our twin honeymoons very soon

    catherine x

  • Claire07ukClaire07uk Posts: 3,482
    Oh wow mrsjuice what a wonderful day you had! Your ceremony sounds lovely and I had a wee giggle at Mike having his top button undone! I love that your "online friends" got a mention in the speeches - brilliant! The disco sounds like great fun too! I absolutely adore that picture of you walking towards Mike - it's so stunning and atmospheric, and there's something quite wild about it too - the colours nearly make it look like an oil painting! You know how amazing I think your dress is - you look so beautiful and I can't imagine many people being able to carry it off, but you did so wonderfully. The close up pictures of you and Mike looking at each other are so beautiful - what a lovely couple you are! You look so happy together! Many many congratulations to you both and wishing you every future happiness xxx
  • JoannawhiteukJoannawhiteuk Posts: 689
    MrsJ- wow! Loved the report, your website, your dress and photos. The one on the bridge is amazing!! Wishing you all the happiness in the world x
  • Claire07ukClaire07uk Posts: 3,482
    Oh yes I meant to mention your jewellery too! It's gorgeous and goes with your dress so well! I have a word in my head that I want to use to describe your look, but I just can't put my finger on it and it's annoying me! There's something quite Titania-like about it. I can't do any better than that right now I'm afraid!
  • rosebery44rosebery44 Posts: 820
    Claire07 - you hit the nail on the head - titania! very 'Midsummer Night's Dream', don't you think??

    [Modified by: rosebery on May 23, 2008 01:16 PM]
  • mrsj36mrsj36 Posts: 2,340
    Claire - My jewellery was handmade by a friend - I totally forgot to mention that. I had seen something similar online and asked for it to be made. I was so pleased with the result - especially as I was her first commission.

    My sister also said that picture looked like an oil painting - maybe I should dust my brushes off and paint it!

    Catherine- I just finished your report! Isn't it weird to think they were going on at the same time a few miles apart? I think they sound quite different days, but with some similar bits such as the sparklers and I the same emotions (such as when you walked into the room and when you walked up the aisle - I don't think I looked at Mike at first either!) Your photos are so atmospheric and put together so well - is that what your album will look like?

    And yes let's talk honeymoon sometime!!x
  • mrsj36mrsj36 Posts: 2,340
    Oh I don't know Titania - I'll run off and do some research! x
  • rachyxxukrachyxxuk Posts: 47
    Orrr Lucy, it all sounds wonderful! The pictures are fantastic, I'm so glad you had a wonderful day (I looked through your pics and as soon as I started to read your report you mentioned the cakes looking so good you had to resist having a taste) that was exactly what went through my mind when I saw the picture - they looked scrumptious. I'm so happy for you - it seems weird that I've read your build up to the wedding and now it's been and gone and I have got to read the report.

    It was a really good read, both your's and Catherine's reports have made me look forward to my wedding even more now. Congratulations!!!! xxxxxx
  • SkipulaSkipula Posts: 1,763
    Congrats, mrsjuice, a lovely report and wonderful photographs. I especially like the one during your ceremony when you're looking up at mr juice, it's so full of emotion.
  • Claire07ukClaire07uk Posts: 3,482
    Oh I adore that one too Skipula! It's one of my favourites!
  • NaomeiNaomei Posts: 2,273
    Yay, I finally read through your report and it was great! Love the pictures! It sounds like such a wonderful day. I also love the ideas you had for favours - and you made them yourselves - you must be nuts! image

    Hurrah for wedding reports - gets me so in the mood! image
  • Misty_leafMisty_leaf Posts: 1,855
    you report os amazing you look beautiful and the wait for this was well worth it!

    Claire07 thats my biggest fear, other people not being able to carry it off!

    Im MrsJuice dress twin and Im sooo scared Im not gonna look half way as amazing as MrsJuice does!! (Oh well Ill find out in 28days!)

    Back to the report, Not much to be said apart from WOW Im so glad you had an amazing time, congrats and bring on the honeymoon photo book!

  • jules-rulesjules-rules Posts: 7,025 New bride

    love the dress xx
  • banana_jambanana_jam Posts: 2,215
    Juice, can I just say - I so, so love all the purple!!! Your bridesmaids' dresses, your flowers, your husband's tie, even! - they are such beautiful shades and it all looks really lovely together. And as for your dress....!!

    Congratulations to you both - wishing you lot and lots of newly-married happiness!! xxx

    (I had a cheeky aunt who covered me in confetti, too - I think every wedding needs one!)
  • mrsj36mrsj36 Posts: 2,340
    MrsSpeller2b - you know you're going to look great! I can't wait to see your pictures and read your report - you'll enjoy wearing the dress, even if it's a little on the large side - that just adds to the fun!

    Mrs BJ - I spent ages getting all the colours to match so it's nice you noticed - the scheme went into the glass pebbles, name tags, guest book and a few other things.

    The same aunt was the queen of the dancefloor - she put us all to shame!!x
  • rosebery44rosebery44 Posts: 820
    Claire - My jewellery was handmade by a friend - I totally forgot to mention that. I had seen something similar online and asked for it to be made. I was so pleased with the result - especially as I was her first commission.

    My sister also said that picture looked like an oil painting - maybe I should dust my brushes off and paint it!

    Catherine- I just finished your report! Isn't it weird to think they were going on at the same time a few miles apart? I think they sound quite different days, but with some similar bits such as the sparklers and I the same emotions (such as when you walked into the room and when you walked up the aisle - I don't think I looked at Mike at first either!) Your photos are so atmospheric and put together so well - is that what your album will look like?

    And yes let's talk honeymoon sometime!!x

    I know!!! Its strange think we were so near to each other without actually meeting! i did think about you though - you would have been at the Hospitium while I was leaving the Royal York Hotel - not far away at all! glad you like the pix - the album will look pretty much as the double page spreads are on line, except that we can drop some pages, keep others as they are, or start to mix them up if we like. All the pix are going on line very soon and then we'll have the hard job of choosing which pages we want! we're delighted with them!!

    Can't wait to talk HK / NZ and the south pacific with you! xx
  • CeleryukCeleryuk Posts: 3,640
    how was the honeymoon? did you feel alright? what was your favorite spot?

  • mrsj36mrsj36 Posts: 2,340
    Catherine - I thought of you too! Aren't you glad it didn't rain?

    You should get a great album. I'm currently looking into what to do about ours as the one our photographer has recommended is £600! Ouch. What were the Cook Islands like? We didn't want to leave Fiji!

    Celine - I loved waling on the glacier, Milford Sound, the glow worm caves at Waitomo and seeing dolphins & seals. Unfortunately we didn't get to swim with either (the dolphins swam into too choppy water and the seals were too cold to go in the sea!) We went sandboarding too which was good fun - but not quite as far North as you went - can't remember the name but it was so quiet we had the beach to ourselves for about an hour!

    I suppose I just loved the diversity of the country - and how gorgeous it is whichever way you look. I'm not an outdoors person but came back hating cities - when we got to Christchurch it just reminded me of home too much!

    I will get some photos up one day - we have such a lot to sort through! x

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