Thanks + link to photos

rfranrfran Posts: 104
I wanted to thank everyone who I have talked too and the many more who's threads I have read and not replied to cause I'm dyslexic don't like people reading my writing but I thought I'd put up a link to some wedding photos


  • Melissa86CMelissa86C Posts: 571
    i cant see ur pics!!! :\?

    i think you have to make them public....
  • rfranrfran Posts: 104
    I hope I've fixed the problem but i'm at home and the connection isn't great so i'll check again.
  • langus81langus81 Posts: 367
    Looks like you had a lovely day - love your bridesmaids outfits the colours work really well , the orange lilies look really warm against your dress beautiful! My hubby is dyslexic too ou shouldn't worry about people reading what you write - my spelling is atrocious sometimes especially if I'm rushing to get a point out. Anyway - congratulations, is that your professional pics cause they look fab.
  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    u look so happy congrats
  • Sar123ukSar123uk Posts: 102
    Your photo's are lovely - love the choice of colours too, really suits all of the wedding party. Congratulations! x
  • Fantastic looked beautiful and your colour scheme was amazing!

  • offtheshelfofftheshelf Posts: 340
    Gorgeous photos - the church looks beautiful xx
  • gemnadegemnade Posts: 115
    Wow, congrats x
  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    Lovely, congratulations, Your photographer really managed to capture the atmosphere!

    Hope you are enjoying married life!
  • i love the look of the photos!! its like people are 'picked out' with a light - you look like you are lit up like an angel - really good effect - you look very happy and i love the suits of the MOB /G ..very nice - well done and good luck with the rest of married life!!

  • kellyanne1981kellyanne1981 Posts: 3,441
    congratulations i was mesmerised (sp?) by your pics they are so beautiful! congratulations and may i wish you many years of happiness together!

    Kel xx
  • lisagreenerlisagreener Posts: 213
    Wow, stunning. I agree the colours are just great! Thanks for sharing them with us, and congratulations!
  • sweetheart85uksweetheart85uk Posts: 2,037
    Lovely pictures. Congratulations xx
  • rfranrfran Posts: 104
    Thank you everyone
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