You cannot underestimate how fab your day will be!! + photos

Hello ladies apologies this may be the longest report ever!

It's been almost 3 weeks, my husband is working late so I can write my wedding day report!

We got married on the 4th November and it truly was the most perfect weather ever. When checking the weather forecast we could not believe our luck, beautifully clear and sunny. I had from the 1st off and in hindsight I wish I had taken off longer because no matter how organised you are ( and I am very) you do really do run round like a crazy lady. Luckily I had all hands on deck to decorate the venue and the 10 months of buying everything silver and lots of white lights paid off because it really looked beautiful - like Narnia.

Had a girly night the day before and quite a few glasses of wine helped me relax and get to sleep for 5 hours before getting up at 5.00am to pace the floor. Hair and makeup lady turned up at 7.00am and then 5 hours disappeared , seriously time flew and the last part was chaos as 6 of us tried to tie the corset, put on shoes, jewellery and veil in about 10 minutes. We had been slowed down in the middle of proceedings when the girls gave me my presents from my hubby and there were tears all round!

Anyway, cars truned up the girls all went and then my dad and I were left. It was a bit unnerving and to relax I was stood in full dress, veil and bouquet watching friends on T4.... very surreal. Then car arrived and we were off. I had been very nervous and breathless all morning but the minute I got to the back of the church I felt brilliant - huge grin and just took in every second. The only downside was a very rude vicar who clearly wanted to get out and watch the rugby so actually told my uncle to move on during the reading! Our vows went really well and I truly cry at everything normally but not one tear was shed as I was soooo happy.

We then left the church and after a couple of photos we went off to the venue - it was a 35 minute drive and it was lovely as we got that time together to take it all in. The autumn leaves and sunshine made the venue absolutely stunning and a perfect setting for our photos. Whilst everyone enjoyed the canapes (we weren't goin to have them but we so glad we did) we cracked on with the photos whilst my beautiful Jimmy choos got covered in mud and veil got stepped on I still enjoyed it.

We sadly only got to enjoy about 20 mins of the drinks reception and then everyone was seated for dinner. As we were seated my best friend sang over the rainbow ( to which most people cried ) and then all our guests ate a fantastic meal while all of us on the top table doing a speech ate nothing beacuse we were so nervous.

The speeches went brilliantly and I was so glad I was able to do one so I could personally thank all the important people in my life. We then went outside for fireworks (the best man set of 2 of those huge single ignition box) and also handed out sparklers. The first dance was "for once in my life" by Stevie Wonder and we had private Jive lessons which were not really evident as the dress kept on getting in the way but afterwards the best band I have ever heard started and the evening just rocked!

We then left to the song (best day of your life - Green day) and went to a hotel on our own and just sat up reminiscing how perfect it all was - and we still do now!

Then we went on safari in Kruger and Diving in Mozambique and it just made me the luckiest lady in the world!

If you are not already asleep or bored you can view the photos on our photographers website :, view your images, rachel and anthony.

Best bits:

The vows,

The excitement when we all got in the register signing room,

The speeches,

The first dance,

The band - well worth it,

, Doing a speech yourself

, The polaroid guest book

, Drinking a lot of champagne and dancing all night

, Having fireworks

, Having a professional hair and make up lady

Things I would differently:

Less formal photos

, Dance more to the swing band with my husband

, Done the speeches before dinner

, Actually eat one piece of my cheese wedding cake

, Take a small piece of wood to stand on on the grass when having photos

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  • rllowrllow Posts: 336
    CONGRATULATIONS! Sounds like an absolutley wonderful day and the pictures are beautiful. You both look so happy. Best wishes for your life together.
  • jaynekukjaynekuk Posts: 2,893
    Congratulations to you and your husband, i hope you have a long and happy life together. Your photos are lovely and you look beautiful. Our day was 4th November too.

    All the best for the future,

    love jayne.x
  • emdtemdt Posts: 612
    Congratulations!! it sounds wonderful and your photo's made me allteary because you both look so happy! all the best!!!

    ps thanks for the tips!:\)
  • DeborahtDeboraht Posts: 2,882
    CONGRATULATIONS!! You look wonderful and soooo happy! Can I ask what the name of your dress is? Its exactly what I had in mind for mine!
  • Many congrats - the photos are are gorgeous, eveyone looks so happy

  • Big congrats Shoelady,

    You looked stunning on your big day (was your dress Augusta Jones by any chance?) and your new hubbie looks a bit of alright too, if you don't mind me saying.

    Think your photos were brilliant and captured the day very well, I wouldn't have changed them at all.

    Very unusual bridesmaid dress colour, you will have to put up a list of your stockists as I want to plagerise your day....

    Best wishes to the Shoe lady and lord!

  • Thank you for your kind comments


    Photo guest book - Instant forever (polaroid camera and film off ebay)

    Bridemaid dresses- in platinum

    Photos - Gary Roebuck Costing me £500 (cheap because it's in November) - really professional and patient with the relatives!

    Video - Capture videos - - £695 for full day - fantastic young couple - didn't even notice they were there

    Band - Harris Whelan - £1200 for a 13 piece band - no words can describe how good they were with the best two singers ever - guests could belive that they cost only £1200

    FLowers - Boquest and buttonholes by BBL, Ewell - understood what we wanted perfectly

    Reception flowers - Rosemarys in Godalming

    Dress (Augusta Jones in Organza with and extra petticoat like the taffeta one) - Evangeline Rose - best for pronovias and augusta jones - the loveliest two ladies in the world. Made the experience perfect

    Cars - Mercedes for £225

    Reception - Loseley Park, Guildford

  • congratulations, you look stunning , and your photos are fantastic.

  • Mrs_AmandaMrs_Amanda Posts: 3,284
    your write-up made me cry!

    just off to look at the pics now ....

    great photos, you looks so happy

    #98 is my favourite

    I have a necklace that looks identical to yours that I plan on wearing to my wedding too.

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  • Wow! congratulations, your day sounds fantastic and your photos are beautiful.

    I am having the same dress as you (and similar flowers too!) and I only hope I can look half as good! Can I be cheeky and ask where your veil is from and who it's made by? The veils in the shop with my dress are horrible and I really want something long and sparkly!

    I am so pleased that your day was a success,

  • Congratulations to you both,

    everything and everyone looks fantastic and so happy,

    and thanks for the tips too!

    All the best for the future x
  • Wow it sounds perfect congratulations you look so happy and thanks for all the tips too x
  • Beautiful everything shoegal, love the pictures. You all look so happy.
  • Oh My God! Shoelady, you look stunning!

    I can't wait to wear my dress now - it's exactly the same as yours and now I've seen it in action I'm so excited! I was thinking of cutting the train down slightly as it looks so long in the shop, but seeing it in the photos I think I may leave it as it is! Did you order the extra petticoat when you ordered the dress or in your alterations? I didn't know I could order one for mine.

    Congratulations to you both, you look SO happy!

    I'm also having the polaroid guest book - how did you manage it so all your guests got photos taken? I'm worried some won't realise what it's for and it won't get filled up.

    Love Daisy. x
  • lisa-jtlisa-jt Posts: 399
    Lovely photos it looks like a wonderful day!!!

    Love your hair.

    Just one question i noticed you walked into church with your veil down!! Who lifted it for you? I really wanna do that and then my Dad lift it when we get to the front but am a little sceptical as know one does it anymore!!
  • ok

    Got the veil at the national wedding show from

    Catherdral length with diamontes on main part but not the blusher as the lights bounce of it as you come up the aisle.

    Re. Anushka - I loved the organza as it fitted my narnia theme but thought the taffeta one had a better skirt. When my bridal ladies ordered they asked for an extra petticoat like the taffeta one has. Careful no-one stands on your dress though as organza rips easily.... but I loved having the organza one as it felt so elegant

    My necklace was from Debenhams - the John Richard collection - £35 .. a real bargain.

    Polaroid guest book is such a funny keepsake from the day - we has a reception table on which there was a basket for cards, photoframes of brides before me and the book and camera - best to appoint an usher to make sure people fill it - it was so popular we actually ran out of film!

    Re. veil - I loved having it down when you walked up the aisle, As the service began the vicar indiated that I hand over the bouquet an then I turned to one bridesmaid who took my bouquet and the other one ( the tallest one) who put me veil down with no big kinks at the side.

    Hair and make up was doen by Particia Soper at Face -time - cost £360 for me and 2 bridesmaids hair, make-up trail and on the day for me - worth every penny.
  • Congratulation. You both look so happy. I agree number 98 is a great picture.

    Enjoy married life together.

    Kelly x
  • mellenukmellenuk Posts: 576
    Congrats on your wedding. The photos look amazing!

    Did you run out of pages for the guest book? I've gone online and it only holds 30 polaroids

  • we only had 105 guests and people mostly grouped together for photos - so it worked out ok
  • MrsCalopaMrsCalopa Posts: 1,992
    You looked fab. The photo of you and H2B in front of the train and all the colours behind you looks gorgeous!

    How many guest books and films did you use if you don't mind me asking?

  • Mrs_AmandaMrs_Amanda Posts: 3,284

    My necklace was from Debenhams - the John Richard collection - £35 .. a real bargain.

    It is the same as mine image

    Had it a couple of years now and it's been wheeled out to a couple of dressy events, always looks good and more expensive than it is! Will probably be my something old on the day.
  • RhianukRhianuk Posts: 659
    Wow! Your photos are gorgeous, and you and your husband look so happy together. You look stunning,

    Can I ask - did you hire the mens suits, and if so are they the Lingfield from Moss Bros please?
  • Claire07ukClaire07uk Posts: 3,482
    Hi shoelady what wonderful pictures! You look gorgeous, and your husband looks fabulous too. Looks like you had a wonderful day. Enjoy married life. Claire xxx
  • Calopa, for 100 guests we had the one guest book and a 4 pack of films. I'd recommend a couple of more films as people can be quite vain and take a few. We our from argos with nectar points.

    Amanda - Nearly as many people commented on my necklace as the dress. I really gave the day the sparkle I needed as there was none on my dress.

    Rhian - got the suits from Youngs. They were fantastic at allowing them to be picked up all over the country and returned elsewhere too - They had them ready nearly a week before so they had time to try them on. Waistcoats were from Neal and Plamer in London. I would not recommend them to anyone - they were very expensive and still 2 of the waistcoats were a different colour from the other 5. And when one of the ushers spilt some red wine on one - (not unheard of at a wedding) they charged us £130 - what a rip off, thankfully we are insured.

    Keep the questions coming ladies, it gives me an excuse to visit.

    Get my video this week - soooo exciting!
  • AishaukAishauk Posts: 203
    Wow! Congratulations-I am definitely going to steal the polaroid camera guestbook idea-how fantastic! Your venue and Church both look amazing too..

    Thanks for the tips too-do you mind me asking how long your day was all in all, and if it was long enough? (i am thinking of starting mine at about 2 or 3pm and i am worried that it will not be long enough!)
  • Congratulations! Your photos are great and it looks and sounds like you had a fabulous day.

    Best wishes to you both

    Nat x

    (P.S. I am loitering round the newly weds section looking at everyones pictures as I have 4 days to go and I am very excited about getting in here myself!)
  • cogratulations you look beautiful andwhat a beatiful church and reception.your bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous i know i have a cheek but could i know how much they are as they would be perfect for my big day.thanks
  • mrs lewry2b- the dresses were £150 each from dessy. I got mine from Watford but had to barter them down as I know they are cheaper outside London, especially up North ( I was quoted £140 from one place that I contacted through the dessy website).

    Oosh - we got married at 1.00 because our venue was 45 minutes away. It still wasn't long enough because it all goes so quickly but you really won't be able to get ready in enough time if you move it too early.

    Nat - so jealous that you have it all to experience you will love it - big deep breaths and just take it all as it comes - it will be fab!
  • LIZZYGukLIZZYGuk Posts: 336
    Hi shoelady.

    Just had a look at your photos - you look so beautiful and the photos look great. I'm so pleased you had such a good time! (I have got 605 days to go) Wishing you all the best in life with the new husband!

    L xx
  • wow - you look so happy! congrats to you both

    I have a question!! Where did you get the feather things for your bridesmaids?? I'm looking for something like that
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