My Brazilian Wedding

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Hi girlies! Have also posted on Big budget brides but wanted to post on 'newlyweds'.

Long time! Been so busy. Got back (no honeymoon), new job, working weekends...

Still don't have official photos but these are a very small selection from sil and sue (family friend).

Very quick report (hope don't bore you all)

Thursday (2 days b4), we had a get together for all the English people in a traditional brazilian bar - lots of beer & snacks & live music. Everyone enjoyed it I think!

Friday was 4 relaxing. Had my pedicure & eyebrows done then.

Saturday, went to the hairdressers (we get ready there & leave from there to the church). Had an anti-stress amssage & then a bath with essential oils & rose petals. Must say, did get quite bored & was dying to jump into the shower.

Well, shortly after I felt a tingling to my face and burning. It started getting redder & redder. I got a contact dermatitis to the face mask she put on me!! They tried to fob me off saying I was stressed and the air conditioning was causing this. Yeah right. I was the least person stressed there. This was 2 hours b4 had to leave. Obviously burst out crying! Took anti-histamines & steroids (being medics, one seems to have these available at all times). Pharmacist came to see me and then one of the make-up artists there called his friend who was a consultant dermatologist to see me. Was a very popular young lady but for the wrong reasons!!

It did settle eventually, but not 100%, but enough not to look like some sort of mutant!

Thank goodness mum was there to calm me down. She looked great! As did dad!

After that, next stress was that the dress almost didn't close! Last thing I needed.

Didn't cry. B4 the door opened, when we heard the trumpeteers, dad said, don't cry, this is a hapy day, and we are going to have a big party! From then on it was smiles all round. Husband looked so handsome! Priest was great (married mum, baptised me). Husband siad his vows over the mike in Portuguese. I was so proud! The live music was also fab. Must say also that the wedding planner & team really made the whole event run really smoothly (unfortunately they couldn't help me out with my face!)

Reception was amazing. White flowers everywhere! It looked gorgeous.

Video clip of both of us growing up and together to music was amazing Wish could show it.

We then did our own version to the evolution of dance for our first dance. It went down a storm in Brasil. Something they had never seen! Hopefully will be on youtube soon! Loved dancing every minute of it. Hubby was a star!

Had our own personal waiter which come to think of it couldn't do without.

When the samba band came on, EVERYONE was on the dance floor. The glitter wigs, afro wigs, hairbands, neon necklaces, blinking light rings, feather boas, sunglasses, etc came out. The personalised havaianas were a hit! As were the m&m's. DJ was also fab. Food was delicious (although could barely eat & drink with that dress!) Also the caipirinha/cocktail bar was a huge success.

Personally I think it was the best party. Hubby really made it a success. He was the life & soul of the party. Had his personal wig and sunglasses on all night, and wouldn't stop dancing.

At the end, our driver took us to our hotel. Even got given the personalise number plate.

Sorry to go on. Rambled for longer than intended to.

I think it was a success. Feedback has been tremendous. Hubby & I though thought it was the best party ever, a night we'll never forget.

Now can't wait for the official photos & video. Videographer is also making me a 1-2 min trailer which will be able to email to people. Once I have it, will show you gals (if interested!).

Hope your wedding plans are going well.

A few photos from our very special, and fun day!


L xxx Brasil/?albumview=grid


  • kathysukkathysuk Posts: 518
    Oh wow! you both looked like you had an amzing time - Congratulations! I love the sweet table and you can feel the party atmosphere from your pictures! x
  • marybrostermarybroster Posts: 81
    ohh lucilu how amazing does your wedding look! I love the silly hats and wigs! I've been secretly waiting for your piccies, I remeber you posting a picture of your beautiful dress a while ago and I have been dying to see it on! It looks better on you than the model in the picture. Also your face looks absolutely fine! What a nightmare though. Also how on earth did you get a peggy p cake to brazil?! Or is that just a very good copy! Thanks for sharing your pictures it looks like you had an amazing time. M x P.S what great taste you have, everything looks wonderful well done you for being so fabulous
  • MrsStarkins2bMrsStarkins2b Posts: 119
    Wow lucilu you look amazing like a film star!!! Looks like you had a great wedding, love all the dressing up!!!

    MrsStarkins2b x
  • waterlillyukwaterlillyuk Posts: 469
    I was wondering about the cake too! Looks like a beautiful wedding followed by a great party!
  • JillyukJillyuk Posts: 1,014
    Looks wonderful! I love your cake topper! and how glamorous is your Mum!!! You get your looks from her don't you, you looked fabulous, congrats x
  • lucianeuklucianeuk Posts: 674
    Thanx girls. Cake was a copy (although not as good as Peggy's) - only the bottom layer was real though as we had so many desserts and sweets. Was tasty though.

    Now just waiting for the official pics - another 2 weeks still! Think photographer has been a bit busy this last month.

    Thanx again for all your lovely comments. xx
  • CLonnyCLonny Posts: 721
    Lucilu, your wedding looks amazing, sounds like you had a fabulous day. You look so glam, like Eva Longoria!

    I love your hair - do you have any photos of it a bit more close up? I am thinking of half up half down at the minute but your pics are making me rethink!!

    stunning, congrats! x
  • CeleryukCeleryuk Posts: 3,640
    Just wanted to say that you look so class and beautiful.

    I have been to Brazil and I know that they throw the best party in the world, and your wedding look no exception.

    Congratulations to both of you, fun, happiness and love all along the way.

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