Do you have any candles left over from your wedding?

If so, please could you email me?

I got made redundant and am getting married in Sept, so am now struggling with my budget.

Luckily all the big payments have been made, ie catering, transport etc, though not sure how we'll manage the honeymoon, but might ask for that with the gift list.

It's just I was going to decorate my tables and venue with different size church candles etc, and thought this might be a good place to ask if you have any left over, or are selling any, or have any bases, or wedding decor etc that are now cluttering up your house and you want to get rid of? They will be going to a good home... I live in Surrey but would be happy to drive if you're not that far away to pick up, or pay postage too or let me know how much you want for them. Any offers or help would be gratefully received. Or do you know where I can buy these cheaply? I did think of Ikea, but have been told that they are not that great quality, ie might spill on tablecloths etc and dont last long... Anyone else have experience of using candles at their wedding?

I hope you dont think I am being cheeky. and if you want to put them on Ebay or make a lot of money for them I won't be offended at all. I just thought that there was no harm in asking.

Thanks for reading x I'll be fine and am desperately looking for another job, it's just really bad timing thats all.


  • rosebery44rosebery44 Posts: 820
    Hi there. Unfortunately, I can't help you with candles. However, I did find a brilliant seller on ebay who imports candles in glass cups. It turned out cheaper for me to buy 72 of these for our tables, windowsills etc than it would have done to buy tealights and separate holders. And they lasted hours too - most of them came back unfinished!

    Have a look here:

    They looked fantastic in the evening with pools of light on the table, and didn't drip everywhere either. Hope this helps x
  • devilsice1devilsice1 Posts: 140
    Hi Rainbow gold,

    I do have some candles left over but I'm abit far away in South Wales.

    Just wondering if you needed anything else? as I still have things left over from my wedding in March. Which I am happy to send to you if you need things such as invites? etc

  • haydens_mummyhaydens_mummy Posts: 253

    I have tons! The only thing is i'm in the north west but i got mine from Home&Bargain for £2.99 for a pack of 3 chunky church candles in different sizes if that helps?
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