Married and lovin' it!

Just come back from our wonderful honeymoon. The last few weeks have been the best of my life but have also gone by like a shot!

Our wedding day exceeded my expectations and everything was just perfect. The sun shone the whole way through. And how was we supposed to know that our reception venue was at the same hotel the music stars from Radio Ones Big Weekend were staying!!!! The residents bar after hours were a scream!

Will try and get on in a few weeks and do a full report, the norm of being back at home is just hitting me and i have slight post-wedding blues image

Have put links in from hightlights of our wedding and honeymoon pics. Enjoy.

Wedding PIcs

Honeymoon PIcs

Mrs Johnston!! xxx


  • sabina_coxsabina_cox Posts: 671
    wow you are gorgeous hun!

    ah dont be sad this is supposed to be the happy bit!

    sabina xxxx
  • fandannifandanni Posts: 737
    Congratulations Mrs Johnson! It looks like you had a wonderful day and honeymoon. You look lovely; beautiful dress! I wish you and Mr Johnson a long and happy life tog xXx
  • claire190ukclaire190uk Posts: 293
    oh wow Mrs Johnson you looked great!!! Love your dress, and your honeymoon pics look beautiful, congratulations and enjoy married life xxx

  • Coco-25Coco-25 Posts: 1,105
    Aaah, I'm very jealous that all those celebs were at your reception!! I want that at my wedding! xx
  • shezakezashezakeza Posts: 99
    Thank you so much for all your lovely replies. Have spent the evening with the in-laws going through all 440 of our offcial photos - OMG i don't know how we are going to chose 50 to go into our album!! Can't wait for the video either.

    The celebs were just pure coinsidence, we booked ours first!!!! The Radio 1 guys were great and didn't mind taking the time out to pose for photos and have a chat. Vernon made a comment about his outfit colour clashing with my dress!

    That dress had great pullin' power!!! lol

    Hope all you other B2Bs are enjoying your planning. Make the most of it cause unfortunatly it will be over before you know it image


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