My perfect May 9th wedding report with pics - sorry its long

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I woke up at 7am - feeling bright and rested. I can't believe its today - I was SO excited image. I opened the curtains and it was raining image my entire bubble had just popped - the clouds moved away after a heavy 20 minute down pour - the ground was wet and the grass was soaked............ I wasn't happy!!

My h2b stayed overnight with me as we had the children to sort out and our best man and his wife also stayed the night before and in actual fact - it made everything much more relaxed. We all had breakfast together and the children were so excited image

The flowers arrived at 9:30am for my bridesmaid, flowergirl, dad and mum..... they looked absolutely stunning and I started the first of many tears to come. As they had arrived a lot earlier than I expected, I decided to drive round to my friends house and take the small basket of roses for her daughter - she opened the door and said "my god - you should be at home getting ready!!!!!!!!!" But I was fine, really relaxed, excited and if I'm honest - a bit nervous - but I think that was normal!!

I came home and realised the one job I hadn't done the day before was wash the kitchen floor!! Within the next 10 minutes I started to wash the floor on my hands and knees - looking back now - I think I was more nervous than I'd let on to everyone image

H2b, Best man and his wife left about 10am - and at the same time my parents arrived with my sister (BM) - they had brought all the dresses, outfits and accessories.... NOW I was bursting with excitement and couldn't wait.

Within 10 minutes the door went again and there was a bouquet of flowers and a card - from my H2b - the card on the flowers said "You are my everything Louise, I can't wait to call you wife, see you later xx" - the card was just as tear jurking and said "To my wife on our wedding day, you are making me the happiest man in the world by becoming my wife. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.... (some other bits I can't tell you....!!) All my love, always and forever. Mark xxxx"

After wiping away the tears I ran upstairs and had my shower..... whilst I was getting ready my sister came up and said that Emily from Beauty Call (the hairstylist and makeup artist) was here and she was going to start on my sister first. Emily was fantastic and I would definately reccommend her to anyone - she done 2 hair trials for me and nothing was too much trouble for her. She never saw my sister until the day but my sister looked amazing. Emily is young and enthusastic and made us all feel very confident and excited with her styles and approach.

I came downstairs and the table was covered with yummy food and soft drinks. My mum had made a buffet so she knew everyone had eaten before the big event, plus I wasn't getting married until 3:30pm so would need something to eat and no one wanted to cook......

After tucking into some schloer and nibbles it was my turn - the photographer was taking photos of us being made up and our hair being done and it was just great - the atmosphere was just something out of my dreams and everyone was laughing, smiling and telling stories on different subjects - it was lovely and very very relaxing.

I was getting ready for the biggest most special day of my life - and it was going just the way I had hoped it would image

The photographer left after taking photos of everyone (BUT not in my dress) and then just as I was about to get ready the videographer arrived with his wife - he filmed me getting the boys ready and my sister and I getting into our dresses and it wasn't at all seedy or uncomfortable for us. We did some special filming in the garden as the sun was now shining and had dried up all the rain in a matter of an hour..... I was now really really excited.

The videographer left and assured me that the 2 guys who would be filming the rest of the day were very professional and would take care of us and if there is anythingwe wanted then we should just ask them.

My mum, dad and the boys left to go to the registry office and that left just my sister and I in the house for about 10 minutes before the car arrived. We didn't really know what to do.... we just wandered round we kept looking out of the front window and smiling and laughing - just waiting for the car to arrive. When the car pulled up - I was outside talking to one of my friends who had come to wave us off. I just had this wave of excitement and couldn't stop grinning - as everyone had gone - I didn't have a picture taken with my sister and the car so the guy who done the wedding cars took a few. When they were done I went back in the house, locked up and trundled off to the car. Grinning like a Cheshire cat image

We took the scenic route from our house to the registry office but by the time we arrived the wedding that was happening before ours hadn't yet finished so we drove round the back of the registry office and I was able to get out and have a glass of water - as by now it was about 26 degrees and I was sweltering in my dress!!!!

The registrar came out and said that I would need to be interviewed with my H2b - I must admit this was the only Bridezilla moment I had - and everyone had assured me that we would be interviewed separately - but what the hell - lets go with the flow.

I walked in and sat down and in came my H2b - in all his attire - he looked GORGEOUS - He looked at me and said "you look stunning babes" we were talking inbetween being asked questions and it was almost a blessing that we did have an interview together as it gave both of us the feeling of relief - GOD KNOWS WHY as we've been wanting this day to come for years image

After the interview - My H2b left and then me - I went outside where my dad, BM, 1 of my sons who was a pageboy and my flowergirl were waiting - all looking fantastic.

My eldest son - said "hurray up mummy its started...." bless him hey - hes only 3!!

In went my eldest holding hands with the flowergirl, followed by my sister on her own and then dad and me..............................

My dad kissed me on the cheek and I stepped forward to be in line with my soon to be HUSBAND........

We done our vows and they all went very smoothly, but the children were starting to run riot and half way through my vows my eldest son - said "are you married yet mummy?? can we go on an aeroplane now!!!!" So after a strong look at my mum - the boys were back under control and my very good friend of mine done a reading - it was beautiful and for the 3rd time today, I was reduced to tears of happiness image

The registrar said "I now pronouce you Husband and Wife" before she could even say - you may kiss your bride we threw our arms round each other and kissed.......... She then said whilst everyone was clapping and cheering "you may now kiss your bride.......... again if you wish!!!!" And of course we did image

As we walked back up the aisle as husband and wife - I remember thinking - I can't believe everyone is here for us..... they were all smiling and saying how lovely we looked together and that we made a fantatsic couple. I was so pleased that my husband had chose to spend the rest of his life with me.

After all the formalities of the ceremony - the driver of the car cracked open the bottle of champagne and my husband and I went in the car and travelled off to the reception venue.

Mark and I couldn't stop talking about the day and what had happened so far - we were so elated with joy and excitement - it was like a dream.

We arrived at the hotel and there were people mingling around on the lawn and drinking champagne and eating canapes. It was just as we wished it would be. The car pulled up and I stepped out onto the red carpet and was met by the hotel manger with a glass of champers - standing beside him was a video person and the photographer. - I felt like royalty and was lapping up every moment.

The photographs went on for ages with breaks inbetween. By the end of having all the photos done - my cheeks were hurting - and then the friends and family started their picture taking - everyone wanted a piece of you. It was amazing to work our way round all our friends and family and speak to everyone, some evening guests had started to arrive at 5pm ish - which was lovely.

By now most of the evening guests had arrived and it was time for us to do our speech, cutting the cake and then first dance!! Or so we thought................. we were not doing the traditional speeches and had just decided on my husband to say some thank you's and we would then leave the rest to have a peaceful night without worrying about doing a speech.

My husband started to thank everyone for coming and we gave out a few gifts - to the attendants..... and then just as we were about to end - my dad came onto the dance floor and said "now you thought that was all you were going to get away with saying and you were right but NOW its my turn!!" He gave my husband a floppy present which was an apron - he said "now put that on and get used to it..... cause she won't lift a finger now your married!!!!!"..... he opened another present which was a pair of rubber gloves, he said "put those on - cause you never know when she might expect you to do some washing up!!!" and to top it off - we brought this you - it was a dish cloth!! - I have no idea what was going on in my dad's head - but it went down a storm and everyone was laughing....... My dad then turned to me and said "This is for you young lady, it should keep you in doing what your supposed to do!" - it was a long thin present in the shape of something very rude!!!!!! I went bright red but when I opened it, it was a rolling pin......!! The reason my dad gave this to me was because they know that I never cook and thankfully it wasn't anything awful or embarrassing......

We cut our cake and got a round of applause and then went into our first dance.... which was Michael Buble - Everything. It was perfect and everything went according to plan.

The buffet was being laid out whilst we were having our first dance and the food was amazing. I can't thank the hotel enough for what they had done, nothing was too much trouble and even to the point where we didn't have any milk for the baby so they went out and got us some ready made formula from Tesco!!!!!!!

This has been the most wonderful day of my whole life - I have married the man of my dreams and I can't wait to spend the rest of life with him.

Lots of love and good luck to you all.

Louise (Mrs Greenslade) xxxx

PS - The stress, worry, anxcitity, mood swings, love, tears and affection are all worth it......... Thanks to everyone for being there for me over the last 6 months - I don't know what I would of donw without you all. xx


  • happygoluckyhappygolucky Posts: 710
    Awwww you pics look amazing and it sounds like you had such a wonderful day.

    Congratulations Mrs Greenslade, May you have a very happy future x
  • LucypageLucypage Posts: 406
    Hi you look absoloutley stunning and so happy good luck with married life xxxx
  • claire190ukclaire190uk Posts: 293
    I am so happy for you, and your little boy is sooooo beautiful, true love really shines out of that report, thanks for sharing. Have a happy life together.

    Best wishes

  • aminuttyaminutty Posts: 1,211
    You look lovely congratulations xxx
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