Did anyone use silk flowers for their wedding? Pics?

Hi hun,

I get married a week today in Cyprus and am taking my flowers with me which are artificial. Will post pictures when I get back. They look so real tho and everyone has commented on them already. Hope this helps


  • tigermootigermoo Posts: 15

    I used silk Orchids for all my wedding flowers.

    I'll try and upload some pics for you.

    They didn't look cheap at all.

    How ever what i did do was replace the plastic centers with beads on wire.

    I got them from a local wholesalers, so if your making them yourself, you can make sure your happy with how they look.

    Good Luck!
  • MoMacPMoMacP Posts: 377
    I had silk callia lilies and orchids for mine and they didn't look cheap. I'll upload a photo in my next reply.
  • here is a pic of my silk and foam flower bouquet

    and on the wedding day

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