Your favourite wedding present?


I thought some of you newlyweds might be able to help me with inspiration for a wedding present for my best friend (and CB).

She's getting married in January and doesn't have a wedding list. She says they don't want or need anything in particular but I'd like to get them something nice as she's been through a lot recently.

They have all the usual household / traditional wedding gifts already

So, did any of you get a different or unusual gift that you really loved?

thanks x


  • LolyukLolyuk Posts: 410
    We had some truly wonderful presents some of which were really generous... but the 3 that really stand out are the ones that were more thoughtful and personal.

    One of our friends gave us a beuatiful photoframe that fits mulitple photos. She had filled the frame with pictures of the venue and photos of the day, as she was staying at our venue that night she bought her laptop and photo printer so she could put the pictures in. It was a wonderful surprise and really thoughtful.

    My brother and his fiance, also my BM, bought us a stunning silver Cross pen that was engraved with our names and the data of the wedding. We had it waiting for us to sign the registra.

    We asked a couple who are our close friends to do a reading, whereby the last line reads " Nothing is mine now its ours". They had designed and made a large plate for us with our names on, an outline of a bride and groom and put the last line of their reading at the bottom.

  • tuppenceuktuppenceuk Posts: 5,346
    some friends got us a pair of framed antique prints (or possibly drawings) of northumbrian buildings (we're both from the north east) - they're stunning, and it was incredibly generous of them.

    and other than that, some other friends gave us a hand made card, and some home made chutney, which was special because of the effort and the thought that went into it.

  • Mine is similar to Mrs Dangermouse.

    One of my friends bought a lovely photo album and filled it with photos from the wedding, and gave it to us the day after the wedding, she must have got up early on the sunday morning and got the photos printed at boots.

    We were going of on honeymoon for 3 weeks that day and wouldn't have seen any photos otherwise until we got back, but this was such a lovely thing to have the day after the wedding.

    I would have taken it with me in my suitcase if i had any space at all!!!
  • FeeFee232FeeFee232 Posts: 1,159
    One thing they might really appreciate is a silver case for their marriage certificate to be kept in. They are availalbe at H Samuels and other places.

    We also said we didn't want gifts but were given a few. These included various sets of Bride and Groom champagne flutes which we love and bottles of champagne and two photoalbums.

    One was silver with With This Ring I thee wed on the outside of it and has plastic pockets to insert photos in it.

    The main thing we appreciated was our guests turning up far more than gifts.

    Above all else make sure she enjoys the day and offer to help with anything that may seem trivial to her on the day.

    Best of luck.


  • ReenyukReenyuk Posts: 326
    The photo thing again for me - the personal ones are always the best in my view - my friends bought me a Canon Selphy printer (which I don't think are actually massively expensive) and they put a note on all the tables except the top table and asked people to print out their best photos throughout the day, and to put them in an album which they had bought with them, along with a note written on a post it. It was the most fun thing I have ever seen and it meant that the day after my wedding I already had a photo album come message book. I didn't even notice the thing in the corner printing away all day, and I cried so much the next day when they presented me with the album, it was a lovely surprise.
  • My mum and da got us a 'piggin' ornament - Special Moment

    That's the only image I could find. My mum and dad fell in love with the 'piggin' range years ago and got this one for their wedding anniversary lol. I always loved them. Cheeky faces, but pretty ugly too, so they got us our own for our wedding day.

    My cousin's wife (my now best friend) bought me a memory box. I have everything from the wedding kept safe in one place, even a little bit of the paper that the box was wrapped in lol. I'm keeping all of our 'first' Christmas cards as a married couple in here too. They're great. You can add to them and add to them with everything special to you as a couple xxx
  • ang772ang772 Posts: 1,399
    i amn't even married yet (getting married on saturday) got my favourite wedding present last night from my parents. when i was away on hen do, h2b&stepdad shared babysitting duties of our little boy. when stepdad had him, he took our wee boys to have his photo taken . we had no idea. the picture is gorgeous. am well chuffed with it.
  • My lovely friend who was also one of our witness' made us up a lovely hamper full of wonderful goodies for us to take on our honeymoon, full of scented candles, expensive chocolates, mini bottles of different wine, special teas, bath roses, body shop cream all sorts!! even some treats for our doggy (who came with us)!! It was just full of lots of luxurious items that everyone should have on their honeymoon and the fact that so much thought and effort went into it made it so special to us. We also now have a lovely hamper basket to keep forever!

  • Hello. Am still a bride to be but I have been to 2 weddings recently and given a fashion sketch by Rebekah Daley ( Both brides said it was their favourite present! i bought gift vouchers (they come in a lovely box and are lovely) and after the wedding the bride and groom sent Rebekah photos. very reasonable too for a one of piece of art!!
  • FeeukFeeuk Posts: 413
    My favourite presents were...

    My SIL who did a reading for us printed it out and framed it. We have it up in our living room at home.

    Husbands godmother gave us a honeymoon pack which had chocs, biscuits, champagne etc in it.

    My BM had taken photos at all my dress fittings, hair trials etc and turned it into a photo book which she called my "transformation into a princess" xx
  • Thank you so much - all these ideas are great- I'm going to stuggle which one to pick nowimage x
  • Our wedding was in Australia so we had a wishing well, but one of our close friends also got us this Bride & Groom cookbook (recipes for cooking together)

    It's a bit different and I have already used it a few times and I dont even usually cook that much!
  • FeeFee232FeeFee232 Posts: 1,159
    I was given a present on Saturday night by my Matron of Honour. She had organised my hen night at her house the week before the wedding and it was very special.

    The gift she gave me was a photo album with photos she and her husband had taken of the Hen Night right through to the disco at the end of the day.

    You will always treasure the photographs of your big day and look back on them with fondness and happiness.

    We still haven't had our professional ones yet but the unofficial ones are absolutely fantastic.

    Best wishes to everyone.

  • We got a Herbert Herr cuckoo clock and it's the best present either of us have ever received in our lives! I keep rushing out to watch it- it's the most amazing thing ever.

    Other than that, one lot of friends got us tickets to the zoo and my sister got us some really cool hand painted egg cups. We had a list with my mum, but didn't specify where to buy it from like people usually do and we got some really lovely things- I'm still a bit overwhelmed by it all still!

    One thing I wouldn't get is photo frames. We got about 6 of them, and I'd also bought some for family wedding photos at the reception and I don't know where we're going to put them all!

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