Maggie brides - did you wear a bra?!

Sorry for the personal question.

When I went to try my dress on last week the shop owner asked what I was doing about underwear. She told me that most people who wear Maggie Sottero dresses choose not to wear a bra because of the heavy corseting, there's no need. Apparently the bra and the corset fight against each other. But I'm a bit worried about popping out!

What were your experiences?

Cheers and have a lovely Christmas.


  • mynx-69mynx-69 Posts: 426
    hi luli

    im only gettin married in august and i have a maggie dress. the lady at the store where i got my dress from said the same thing to me so i was gona go without the bra!. when i tried on the dress i just took the staps down on my bra but it felt uncomfortable once i had the dress on i slipped the bra off it felt a lot better so thats why ive decided to go withoout i had a few reservations at first but id rather be comfortable for the day. hope it helps. x

    hope you have a lovely christmas.
  • I wanted to wear a bra with my maggie sottero dress - ariana as I am a 38F

    I was advised not to and then I got built in cups

    It looked fine - but keey getting your dress tightened up during the day as after a while the corset starts to give a bit

    Here are my pics so you can have a look at my dress
  • lisaw87lisaw87 Posts: 325
    hmmm thats interesting, i am wearing Adeliade in Feb and havent been told about this! I was going to wear a fitted underwear but now i am a little worried. I have been to fittings with it and they havent said anything!

  • i am wearing a maggie dress and was also told this by the lady in the shop, so i am going braless! I have had my fittings now getting married in april and it looked great and i felt very supported (am a 32dd cup) and comfotable! X
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    Ive tried my dress on with and witout a bra and to honest it did seem to sit better without a bra(im a 34d). I was intending on wearing one but dont think ill bother now.

    My dress has a sweetheart neckline and l think it loked better without a bra, think most peolpe who wear maggies go without-just depends how comftable you feel without a bra i suppose.

  • barbird2barbird2 Posts: 676
    nope have to agree with most I didnt go for a bra either - the corsetry was great and i am rather large on top!!

    pics here:

  • i didnt wear a bra, i bought underwear but when i tried it on with the dress it looked rather odd, i'm a size F chest and the corset in the dress was more than enough support!! xx
  • Got married on Monday (hurrah!) in MS Coco. I'm a D cup and didn't wear a bra. No problems with dress all day, comfier that way to fittings where I wore a bra. Didn't fall out, gave good support without squashing me, and danced a ceildh all evening with no problems.

    Good luck with your weddings ladies! xx
  • Hi

    Thanks for responding, more confident to go braless. I'm relatively small up top, a B cup so need a boost as well as support!

    To those of you recently married, congratulations and you all looked beautiful and happy in your photos.

    Merry Christmas
  • I got married on Friday in Shannon. I am G and I wore a bra. Was a little worried about popping out!
  • I have a maggie dress & was never told this! But, its actually the answer to my prayers.... because I havent been able to find a bra that would work... well not better than a bit of tape.

    Im not worried that I will fall out....... the dress is high enough & I doubt I will be bending that low! But just incase.. I will use tupee tape! x
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