What was worth spending money on...and what wasn't?

Hey ladies,

Just trying to see if I can save on our budget any further. Was there anything about your day that wasn't noticed/worth paying for? What did you buy that was really worth it?

Any advice would be great! XX


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  • ooooohh, Mrs Beanie, could i quickly ask - where did you get the firework display box from??

    I'm desperate to have some fireworks at the end of the night but the prices we've seen for them seem ridiculous!

    £100 for 6 minutes though is great!

    (and congratulations on becoming a "mrs")

    S x
  • Hi Mrs Beanie,

    Congratulations on your marriage!!! and thank you for your advice. The total cost of our wedding is very small anyway (luckily) and although we won't have any financial support we do have lots of creative and talented friends to help us out which is great! My brother is studying graphic design and is doing our invites and a friend who sings with Basement Jaxx will be entertaining our guests! I just can't wait! X
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  • Hi LadyGR

    For me, things I'm glad we spent the money on were:

    The venue we dreamed of which was brilliant

    Having a live singer for entertainment

    My dress!

    Our honeymoon

    Things we spent money on but in hindsight, could have done without:

    Chocolate fountain (only because I didn't get any as I was too stuffed from dinner and scared I'd get it down my dress - and although I love chocolate, after the chocolate desert and then chocolate wedding cake I was all chocolated out!!)

    Table decorations (our florist was fantastic, and we loved our simple classy table decorations, but they didn't come cheap - and for what it's worth, a bowl of floating candles from Tesco can be just as effective and would have saved us a few hundred quid).

    Our photographer was quite expensive, but did a really good job. If I did it again though, I'd shop around a bit more and not just go for the first thing I saw regardless of price just because I wanted it!

    Ands that's about it really. I made all my own invites, tableplan and jewellery for me and BM's, and were really happy with them so can't really comment on whether it's worth spending money on that sort of stuff.

    Nat x
  • Thanks for the advice Nat.

    I'm wondering about our centrepieces too. We're going to be on the terrace of an Italian villa right up on a hill with the most gorgeous views....so part of me thinks that perhaps candles and maybe some wild flowers collected (free) that day would be a better idea than full blown expensive ones. We don't want anything to take away from our surroundings. The only thing is we'll need something with a bit of wow factor on the tables if it rains as we'll be inside. Hmmmm....

    Chocolate fountain? Yes, I'd be pretty miffed if I didn't get any....I get quite aggressive where there's chocolate that I can't have! lol.

  • We are so glad we spent money on the right venue. It was just perfect.

    We also got Mr Penguin's suit made for him by a tailor - it meant we both have our outfits from the day and though we'll probably never wear them it's lovely to have them. It also meant we could get his clothes axactly how he wanted them without having to compromise - e.g. we chose all the materials and colours and cut ourselves.

    as Mrs Beanie said - we had lots of people helping us and that meant more to su than the fact we saved money. My dad and a friend played the violin for the ceremony - we could have afforded a professional fee but it was so special to look up from signing the register to see my dad playing for us. a very heart-melty moment for him and me. We also had a friend make the cake and I iced it - Mr Penguin loves eating cake but neither of us liked the idea of spending upwards of £300 for one - we spent about £70 in total for the one we got (£50 was the cake stand which we can re-ebay to get the money back) and it was just perfect for us.

    I made lots of things - the invitations, the favour boxes, the chocolates for the favours, the menu cards, the place cards and so on... I did this not necessarily to save money but so that we could get exactly what we wanted - and ensure it was all unique to our wedding. It was lovely seeing the tables laid out with all my stuff!

    We also had a friend djing for us in the evening. He plays in clubs in Leeds and the best man used to do it too so we had the dj and all the equipment for free. We also chose every single song ourselves and we put in a special song for every guest.

    So - for us the important thing was the venue - it was truly magical having a castle to ourselves for the day and night and made us all feel (guests included) that it was a very special day. And it was so worth it. The castle were so amazing - the staff, the organisation, the wine, the food - all wonderful!

    Mrs P

  • Mrs Beanie, that was very helpful advice - thank you. I couldn't help but notice that you used apples from a friend's orchard as decorations. We are getting married on my parent's apple orchard, in a marquee amongst the apple trees and I am trying to think of ways to use apples in our table decorations... the only problem being that I really want my colours to be teal and orange (neither of which are apple colours!)... so am trying to think how I can coordinate the apples into orange table arrangements. Or perhaps I shall have to use the apple theme in a more decorative way but less natural way, like spray paint miniature apples in my colours and use them as name place holders. Or fresh apples in between the cake tiers... it's so hard to picture everything at this stage!
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  • Mrs Beanie, I love the idea of the marzipan apples on the cake - in fact I think I'll have a bride and groom apple on top of the cake! Thank you.

    I have one more question about your photographer. Did you spend a lot of money on a photographer and videographer? In hindsight, would you have changed what/how you went about photographing your special day? I have been given some pretty pricey quotes but am trying to convince my H2B that it is worth it, whilst he is keen to go with one of his friends who has just recently qualified as a photographer instead.

    From your experience, what are your thoughts?

    Appreciate your help x
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