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Any advice for Big Dresses and Sweaty Legs!

nata_mccnata_mcc Posts: 810
Hello Ladies,

This is a bit of a minging topic, but what the hell i can't be the only bride to be experiencing this!!!

Whenever i go trying wedding dresses on, the weather is usually nice and the shops are usually a bit lacking in the airconditioning department.

Getting in and out of huge dresses seems to work me up into a bit of a sweat. Nothing to be concerned about initially as every other girl in the shop looked the same, however i'm starting to worry about if this happens on my big day and in particular about my poor warm legs!

I've chosen a massive taffeta dress - its my dream dress. My wedding will be in July 2010 though, which of course is in summer. The longer i stand in my dress, the sweatier my legs seem to get!! I actually thought one leg was lightly dripping yesterday, which is just horrible! It could have been me imagining things, but its not something i want to worry about on my big day.

And so is there any kind of way to keep your legs cool under these gowns? Do tights work, or make it worse?

The wedding dress shop lady said that the reason a lot of ladies wear hoops is for this reason - to keep the dress off thier legs for freedom of walking and freedom of sweat! But i couldn't help noticing that most hoops are made out of nylon! Mmmmmm. Sounds like a warm environment to me.

Any sweaty leg wisdom would be much appreciated!!!



  • apollobearapollobear Posts: 8,627
    A hoop will definitely help - it does keep the dress off your legs and give you a bit more 'ventilation'.

    You will be moving about on the day too and this will also help as, when you're standing still, there's no air moving around you.

    I personally wouldn't go for tights - they will make it worse! Maybe just put some talc on your legs or even try some peppermint foot lotion which has a cooling effect.

  • Pumpkin-PiePumpkin-Pie Posts: 1,100
    I dont know what dress size you are but Evans make things called shorties which are a light material and reach down to above the knee - they're supposed to stop your thighs from chafing but they help with sweatiness too x
  • TwinMumVixTwinMumVix Posts: 844
    I think the hoops do help, but saying that I had one and was sweating all day!! And yes I think I did have sweat running down my legs, but there dress was to the floor and so many layers no-one noticed!!

    Be warned though that I found the underskirt probably more uncomfortable than the heat, it was really uncomfy around the waist
  • sezmouksezmouk Posts: 221
    i use the evans shorties and they are really good!

  • littlewulflittlewulf Posts: 2,061
    I got married just last month, my dress was big (check my other topics for pics) I wore a hoop and must say I was fine. I was really worried about chaffing so i used some lancane, and I really didn't give my hot legs (hehe) another thought.
  • ph0u0075ph0u0075 Posts: 18
    If you spray your legs with deodorant it stops you sweating and your legs rubbing xx
  • buy that magic cool and every now and again nip to loo and spray it all over them lol.

  • Nothing worse when all of the attention is on us the girls inl long white frocks.could be neurological. We are nervous it's unsightly dawn. Ps Ps good luck
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