My wedding day pics

hi ladies.

I am so excited have just got my wedding pics and love them, can't stop looking at them, i also love looking at everyone elses, so heres mine if you want to have a look.



  • verlieukverlieuk Posts: 1,328
    Awww you look amazing sweetie. Congrats!
  • feemcneillfeemcneill Posts: 308
    Looks like you both had a lovely day!!!

    Congratulations to you both.

    You looked stunning!! Loved the colour scheme also!

    charlie xx
  • wow u look amazing, looks like had a wonderful day no wonder you can't stop looking at them image

  • Chel0506Chel0506 Posts: 628
    You look georgous. Lovely pics too. Congrats to you both hun.xx
  • jayabooukjayaboouk Posts: 574
    Beautiful, congrats. x
  • louise1980uklouise1980uk Posts: 407
    you look lovely huge congratulations x
  • leaspinleaspin Posts: 122
    No wonder you are happy with those pics! They are lovely! You look stunning too. It has made me very excited about my day on Saturday!!
  • Aww beautiful hun, it looked like a fab day, you looked wonderful x
  • emmalampkinemmalampkin Posts: 6,618
    congrats hun, looks like u had a brillaint day.

  • Newmummy2beNewmummy2be Posts: 271
    You look gorgeous, your dress is stunning. Thanks for sharing, congratulations x x
  • ceryslouceryslou Posts: 144
    You looked amazing and your pics are lovely. Congratulations! x
  • shazza21shazza21 Posts: 4,138
    Lovely pics , you look gorgeous hun xx
  • Cazzie10Cazzie10 Posts: 508

    I can see why you can't stop looking at the pictures. They are fab! I think your dress is stunning!

  • sim1979sim1979 Posts: 209

    Your dress is lovely and I love the colours you had very pretty
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