Advice needed - do I need a dj inbetween the band

ljcsurreyljcsurrey Posts: 657
Hey ladies

I was hoping for some advice from your big days as I have not been to many wedding so not sure what is usually done. I have booked a band for our evening reception but they just play 3 sets inbetween which I think they can play a cd. Do you think that works ok or do I need a dj to play inbetween the sets?



  • ksuchetksuchet Posts: 64
    Hi ljcsurrey, I have the same situation and h2b and I have decided to put together an overlapping playlist on our ipod. We are allowed to use the speakers the band have set up so it's just as good as having a DJ, except you get to choose every song... ooh... and it's free too!

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