post pics of your e-ring and wedding band together - please!

NimueukNimueuk Posts: 344
Hi ladies, please inspire me by posting pictures of your engagement ring and wedding bands together. Thanks!


  • NimueukNimueuk Posts: 344
  • new-mrsbnew-mrsb Posts: 2,015 New bride
    Haven't got one of them together, will have to go and do one me thinks!
  • categedcateged Posts: 668
    Not very good ones, just took them on computer, my engagement ring isn't meant to go with a wedding band due to the shape but it was annoying me on my other hand so have just put them both together just now.

  • NimueukNimueuk Posts: 344
    That is an unusual shape. Did you not fancy one that twisted around like your ring countdown09?
  • categedcateged Posts: 668
    I ended up getting two different metals, one is palladium (wedding ring) and other is platinum. I just wanted a really simple plain wedding band that I could wear on its own as I wasn't planning on wearing my engagement ring on my finger as well. It looks odd but at the moment it is comfy though x
  • NimueukNimueuk Posts: 344
    Ah right! I don't think it looks odd at all... I've heard of a few ladies on this site wearing their engagement rings on the other hand after the wedding. Thanks for sharing!

    Anyone else fancy posting?
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