did anyone use chin linen

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did anyone use them at their wedding? i mean chic linen

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    I'm getting married in 19 days and will be using them, why do you ask monkey13, is that who you will be using?
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    I don't understand though, I spoke to Garry today as he is coming up to my wedding venue on Sunday and wanted to meet me up there, they are always so busy with various wedding bookings, where did you hear this? I have just been on their website too and its fine.
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    oh no hun, i havent heard anything,i was just looking for feedback.hope you have a great wedding,if you remember let me no how they were! hope youll be back to let us all hear about your day anyway!
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    Somebody had posted a negative comment about Chic Linen but its been removed now, somebody trying to be destructive. I actually met with Garry on Sunday as we went over chair covers etc, hes very nice and i have every faith they will do a great job! i will be posting photos etc when i'm married don't worry.....only 10 days to go!!!!
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    i hadnt seen any posts.mmm thats not good.

    still if you met him then thats reasurring,great! oh 10 days,wow!!!!!
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