Any advice from you Newleyweds? best and worst bits...

Hi All, I've just read Shoelady's post about her day and she's put in the best bits and the bits she's have changed if she did it all again (sorry for stealing your idea shoelady image )

I was wondering if you all have advice from your weddings for the other brides on the site???

My best bits were

- having a guest book that we read together the next day. It made us laugh and cry and cringe reading the different messages from friends and family (especially the more drunken ones towards the end of the book when everyone was a little worse for wear!)

- Giving a brides speech. I wasn't going to but I am so glad i did. It was very emotional and i kept crying but I'm so glad that i got to thank everyone for coming.

- Breakfast the next day. The venue set up a room for our guest to all have breakfast together the next day where we all caught up some more before heading off.

Things I would change

- we got married at 4pm. I'd definitely do it earlier as the time just seemed to fly by and before we knew it the music was finishing and people were heading home

- nothing else - the whole day was perfect.

Can't wait to hear everyone elses.

WW x



  • spaweddingspawedding Posts: 215
    Oh where to many best bits, but the ceremony was just so perfect, the opening chords to the wedding march as we made our way back up the aisle as husband & wife gave me goosebumps. I can only agree and say get married as early as possible because it's so true your day flys by and we got married at 1.30
  • CA1312CA1312 Posts: 384
    best bits - saying vows to H2b and looking into his eyes the whole time (ooh i love him so much!)

    bad bits - had a major bridezilla tantrum jsut before we left for the venue, shouted at everyone to get into the cars as they were all driving me mad!!! I did apologise later, think my nerves were getting to me by then.

    best bit of advice i can give you is have a big brandy and take lots of deep breaths before you walk up the aisle, thats the only way i was able not to cry the whole way through!!!
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