My Perfect Country Wedding 25.07.09 - now updated

Ok so here's my wedding report, I'll prob start off really detailed and then get bored towards the end and just post a load of pictures but here goes.

Finished work on the Wednesday night had loads of things to do so didn't manage to escape til about 6.30pm and even then only after leaving my mobile number and permission to call whilst I was away. Played a netball match Wednesday night and was really worried I'd fall over hurt my ankle and end up on crutches or I'd get a black eye. Luckily my usual clumsiness didn't materialise and the match ended with no injuries (I ask my apponent kindly not to batter me) we also won so it was a nice start to the festivities.

Thursday and one of my fab friends had booked me into the Hyatt for a massage so in the morning I went to the salon and was plucked waxed and generally abused then met my friend for lunch after which we went for our massages, a pedicure and also then went to a nail bar and had acrylics put on. Really struggled with the nails, I'm used to keeping mine short for netball so was pretty much useless at doing anything after their application. On honeymoon I had to keep asking the other half to open my coke cans.

Thursday night and I stupidly put myself forward for the selection committee of our netball club so three of the netball girls came round to my house for a pre selection meeting. Other half meanwhile was over at my mum and dads checking out our marquee which had been put up the day before. I was really jelous that he got to see it first but on the plus side it meant that on the Friday most of it was already set up. After the girls left my house Thursday night after a few glasses of vino I then had to do my honeymoon packing (I'm very disorganised and leave everything to the last minute). Didn't finish til gone 1am so then fell into bed totally shattered having finished packing and quizzed other half on the marquee.

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  • Next day and my Dad had kindly offered to drive me and my bridesmaids over to my parents house where we were staying the night so that I didn't have to leave my car there whilst we were on honeymoon. Hubby drove me over to one of my bridesmaids houses where my dad was picking us both up at 10am. My BM had asked me to be there at 9.30am so we could have breakfast together following my late night I was running a bit late and made it there at 9.45am to find she'd laid the table with flowers and each place was set with a bowl of fresh berries and creme fraiche. She then bought out some champagne to wash it all down with. Thankfully it was only a small bottle as we might have felt obliged to finish a big bottle and been p***ed before the day began. My Dad showed up and we packed all our stuff in and then drove over to one of my other BMs houses to pick up the remaining 2 bridesmaids.

    Once at my mum and dads we went down to the marquee and put out the place names, sorted out the favours and arranged the sweet table. Having done so much hard work we decided we needed a lunch break (my mum was scoffing at our attempts at work as her and my dad and a couple of their friends had been at the marquee all morning and the day before setting up, I don't think she minded though). My sister arrived and as we didn't have a car between us we persuaded her to come to the pub with us for lunch so that she could drive. We went to the local pub had some lunch with some more bubbles and then headed into town for a few last minute purchases and a coffee.

    That evening we chilled out, my dad made us dinner we drank yet more bubbles and wine and went to bed pretty early at about 11pm.
  • I slept pretty well considering and only woke up once at about 5am when I went to get some water and fell back to sleep pretty quickly. I was also awoken at 3am when I heard my phone ringing (husband to be had got a little drunk and wanted a chat) but as I didn't answer it and I went straight back to sleep it doesn't count. Woke up about 9am next day and called other half back (he was still asleep and more than a little hung over and hadn't even remembered trying to call the night before). My bridesmaids came in and one of the swiftly claimed the space in bed next to me so we stayed in bed chatting for a bit until Dad called us for breakfast.

    Breakfast was scrambled eggs smoked salmon bagles and bubbles, yum! Hairdresser arrived at 10am and started on one of my bridesmaids whilst I had a shower.

  • The one in the pink dressing gown is me. Our ushers came round to pick up the buttonholes and the wedding rings (which the best man hadn't been trusted with) and we had yet another drink. My other beautiful bridesmaids also had their hair done before I got mine done and they had photo's taken whilst mine was being done.

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  • The lovely Stacey finished my hair and I had to rush to put my makeup on whilst doing that my dresser arrived so I had to keep her waiting whilst I finished putting my slap on. One of my bridesmaids came upstairs whilst I was finishing off clutching a jewellery box to tell me that a man had come to the door with some jewellery for me. One of my mums friends had kindly sent her husband round with a pair of drop yellow diamond earrings for me to borrow, so that was the something borrowed sorted.

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    Beautiful pics and report x image
  • It was then time for the dress

    My mum cried a bit when she saw me in it and then asked if I was sure I wanted to marry Mike (not coz she doesn't like him but because her mum had asked her on her wedding day and she had promised her mum that she would ask me and my sisters so that none of us ever felt obliged to marry someone just because the wedding etc was all arranged). I obviously said that I was sure.

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    aww so beautiful congrats
  • I must admit I cried a little then as well especially when she started talking about my grandma but one of my bridesmaids swiftly dried the tears and I was ready for the off.

  • We walked down to the church and thankfully it was a gorgeous sunny day. My parents have lived in the village since I was 7 and its the kind of village where no-one ever moves and they've all lived there years so along the road outside the church were lots of the villagers who had all come to see me walk down the road. A couple of the stopped us to take photo's and it was at this point that I started to get a little nervous.

  • Fab report! Lovin the photos so far! Can't wait for next installment! xx
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    You are beautiful image
  • As we got to the door of the church the vicar came outside the church and had a quick chat with us and we had a couple of mins wait just in the porch of the church whilst the organist finished the tune he was playing so he could start playing our entrance music (Canon in D). It was at this point that I had to take a couple of really deep breathes as I thought I might cry. My dad said to me that I should go through the door to the church first and then he would so that he didn't tread on my dress. So as the music started up I go to walk through the door as does my Dad and he treads all over my dress. Which worked wonderfully to stop me from crying as then I wanted to laugh.

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    Im really enjoying reading this report, the photos look wonderful, you look stunning! Congrats to you xx
  • The ceremony was really beautiful and once I stood next to Mike all I could do was smile so thankfully I didn't cry during my vows as I really didn't want to, as a. I would have messed up all the good work everyone did making me look so good and b. I didn't want to cry during my vows so that everyone could hear me make my promises to Mike without having to decipher it in between sniffles.

  • My sister sang whilst we signed the register with our witnesses (my other sister and Mike's sister).

    My sister's fiance (they get married next May I can't wait)accompanied her on his guitar.

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    More, more more!!!

  • We then left church to the sound of Michael Buble 'Everything'. Outside after lots of congratulations from people we then had a big group shot and then the guests left the church area to stand on the road with the confetti we had given them to throw on us as we came out. Me and Mike had a couple of shots taken with us on our own at this point.

  • We then walked down to the marquee with all our guests following on behind us
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    Wonderful report so far!

    I love your colour scheme, your bms looked gorgeous and of course so did you!

    I really like your head piece, its very pretty and very different.

    All your photos are lovely, are they the proffesional ones?

  • and a couple of the ushers struggling along with the pedestalls of flowers from the church

  • Thanks Sophie. My BMs really did me proud they looked amazing.

    Yes these are the professional pics although the facebook ones my friends took were pretty good too. My avatar is my favourite wedding pic, one of my sisters took it.

    I'm going to have to finish the report later girls but still have loads more to tell you all about and lots more piccies. Thats so long as you're all still with me and not bored silly. I'll post a few of our marquee and then I'll come back over the weekend to finish the report.

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  • Oh hun , i love all the colous the flowers are just beautiful - congratulations it looks like you had a fab day x
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