haha, am glad i can laugh about things!!

Well, I've now been married 5 days! Did anyone else dissect the wedding and wish they'd done x y z? Well I have to say that most things went well, but I am glad I have a sense of humour... (but I guess I must have, after agreeing to shepherd 12 English people on guided tours of Berlin!) There were a few things that narked me though...

1. the organist that didn't read the hymn sheet and so played 3 verses of Morning has Broken, despite us singing 3 verses in German, and 3 in English - well it was amusing appart from the second intro!

2. the photographer that took far fewer photos than we expected because he took a liking to a friend of mine - good job we took shots of me and hubby before they met!!

3. the DJ who didn't know what 70's and 80's music was (or at least he wasn't playing it like we asked) - thank heaven my friends made a list to give him after 5 songs!!

4. the same DJ who demanded an extra 40euros for helium gas otherwise he wouldn't let us have the balloons imageimage

5. the fire alarm that went off, but we never knew about till 3 fire engines turned up - am rather

glad they bothered to evacuate us!

6. the buffet that contained enough bread for 10 people despite there being 40 of us.

7. the in-laws who hated the music, the service (well I thought hearing the English try to sing in German was amusing), the buffet, refused to paint themselves on our self-portrait art, wrote no message in either guest book, gave us no card... etc...

8. The mother in law that said I looked nicer with the straps on my dress (for dancing), and never once said I looked even pretty, just glowered the entire evening

9. the mother -in-law that turned her back on me when i tried to talk to her

10. the in-laws who I still have to call Herr and Frau as they haven't allowed me to use their first name yet (I only married their son after all)

Hmmm, I'm sure I'll think of others over time. Sorry, was mostly a really good day, but feels good to write down the stuff that pissed me off - maybe now I can stop thinking about it.

What happened at yours??


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    I'm sorry Jodie just trying to picture all my friends singing in German (My Grandma is German) and its cracking me up!!

    Glad your day went really well. Let us see the pics when you have them. your MIL sounds like a dragon!


  • Jodie,

    I know how you feel. My ex was German with old traditional parents and it was a nightmare. Made even worse by the fact that I am vegetarian!!!

    At least you've got a sense of humour x
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